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20 Super Tips About Comprehension Passages

Top Twenty Golden Tips About Reading Comprehension Passages
Comprehension and precis writing question is asked in English B paper of almost all higher classes IN Pakistan (Generally from class 8th to Graduation). Even questions about comprehension passages are also given in competitive exams. Many students feel difficulty in attempting this question related to comprehension passages. Today we shall discuss some great super tips about comprehension passages question.  These tips will  help you in mastering the reading comprehension  skills.

20 Super Tips About Comprehension Passages

20 Super Tips About Comprehension Passages

20 Tips About Reading Comprehension  Skills

1-Read the given paragraph for maximum times and try to understand the meaning of each and every sentence.

2-Read each question very carefully so that you may be able to understand the meaning of each question.

3-Underline the sentence in which you have found the answer of any question.

4-Always remember the rule of key words while attempting the questions of reading comprehension passages. Note the keyword of each question and try to find it in the given passage. Its a sure shot tip for all questions of comprehension passages.

5-Now write the answer of each question in your own words.

6-Use the same tense in your answer,which was used in the question.

7-Sentence of your answer should be complete. For Example
“In which class you read?”
“12th standard” is wrong way to reply.
Your answer should be, “i read in 12th standard”

8-Answer of any question is given in indirect narration. For example
What does the writer say about his destination?
Answer of the above question should a be like this;
The writer says that he is going to Karachi.

9-Paper checker will note just three basic things i.e firstly, you know the correct answers of the questions or not. Secondly, can you write the answer of the questions in your own words or not. Lastly, you command over English grammar and vocabulary.

10-You will have to be in fresh state of mind at the time of attempting the question about reading comprehension passages.

11-Never leave any question un-attempted.

12-Some times students are asked to write the meaning of underline words in Urdu or English. In this case try to guess the meaning of difficult words in the light of context and even given questions.

13-Never add your own views about anything in your answers.

14-Practice is the key to success for mastering the reading comprehension skills.

15-We shall write separate articles about summary writing and precis writing skills.

16-Try to avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes. There is also no need of using complex synonyms, phrases, idioms or words in your answer.

17-Your answer should contain information only about the required points.

18-Try to improve you English grammar like tenses, direct & indirect, active voice & passive voice, etc.

19-Try to improve your English vocabulary including synonyms and antonyms. Similar words or synonyms help you to write the answer in your own words.

20-Common sense also play an important role in attempting the questions about reading comprehension passages, so try to improve your IQ level.

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