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Super Tips For Winning Police Jobs in Pakistan & Abroad

Golden Tips For Finding Police Jobs in Pakistan & All Over The World 
Majority of Pakistani youth want to join police force. Today we shall try to guide the students about super tips for winning police jobs in Pakistan and abroad. Police jobs in Pakistan are given through following three methods

1-NTS test

2-ETEA test

3-Departmental tests

4-Public service commission exam
Super Tips For Winning Police Jobs in Pakistan & Abroad

Super Tips For Winning Police Jobs in Pakistan & Abroad

We have written detailed articles on all these methods for getting police jobs. You must read all our related articles about police jobs. Here are the super tips for finding police jobs in Pakistan.

1-First of all you must try to improve your physical health as police jobs are given only to the fittest persons. You will have to clear physical and medical test in good numbers.

2-Your general knowledge should be extraordinary as majority of questions in written test are related to Pakistan Studies, Current Affairs, Every Day Science and Islamic Studies.

3-You must try to improve your verbal communication skills for success in interview.

4-Many questions are asked about to check your IQ and EQ level so try to improve your both these areas.

5-If you want to join police force as an gazetted officer then read our articles on CSS, PMS and CSS. These articles will ensure your success in competitive exams.

6-Your should have good creative writing skills.

7- You should have at least one relative in police, bureaucracy or politics.politics. Alternatively you can give handsome bribe for winning police jobs in Pakistan.

8-Now a days many foreign countries are also hiring police officers from Pakistan like Bahrain.

9-Pakistani youth can also get police jobs in motor ways, railways, traffic, ASF, military and investigative police. These are just few most popular examples of different kinds of police jobs.

10-If you are going to apply for any non gazetted post then your emphasis should be on objective questions. Our new website is going to provide online testing facility so that you may be able to clear recruitment tests. .

11-You are requested to follow the given timetable and instructions very strictly following police jobs.

12-Its also a fact that short listed candidates are some times called for medical and psychological tests. and its sister website welcome queries from their visitors. So ask questions and stay in touch with us and our facebook pages for guidance about all kinds of recruitment tests. We also publish police jobs winning tips on our facebook pages. suggests you to visit and like its facebook page too.