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Swollen Feet and Ankles-Causes, Tips, Home Treatment

All About Swollen Feet and Ankles in Urdu & English-Causes, Health Tips and Natural Treatment
Well the condition of facing the pain in the foot and ankle areas of the body has been getting so much common. And hence its causes are common as well. It might take place due to your own negligence while walking in the low posture or either because you are not wearing right pair of footwear. Deficiency of Vitamin E and potassium in the body can also contribute to the ankle and foot pain. Here are some tips for treatment of swollen feet and ankles at home.


Swollen Feet and Ankles Treatment Tips

Massage your Foot and Ankle
You should take some coconut oil and heat it a little bit at an ordinary temperature for massaging your ankle and foot areas of the body. You just need to apply on those areas of the foot and ankle which make you feel heavy and give you a numbness pain. You just need to perform massage at least 20-25 minutes every night before sleeping.



Eat Magnesium Rich Items
Having magnesium in your food items is so much important. Having deficiency in the magnesium will be giving rise to the foot and ankle pain issues at a worst level. So make sure you include your diet meal plan with the food items that are rich in magnesium.



Avoid the use of Salt
Consuming the salt at the high amount can put a bad impact on the circulation of blood in your body. This can give a further rise to the issue of swelling on the ankle and foot areas of the body. Therefore, try to avoid purchasing the packaged food items or avoid including your meal plan with the food items that are rich in salt.



Apple Vinegar
Apple vinegar is effective for your foot and ankle treatment because it is high in the potassium content. The best way to use apple cider for foot and ankle is by taking a small bowl or tub. Add warm water in it and add around few drops of apple cider in it. Now just dip a towel or cloth in it and warm it around the foot or ankle area which is giving your pain. This will definitely help you to relieve your body pain over ankle and foot.



Coriander has been known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It has been medically tested that this coriander plays an important role to treat the body against the foot and ankle pain and also improve the blood circulation in the body. You just have to take a bowl and boil some water in it. Now add some coriander in it. As the water gets lower due to boiling just take it off from the heat and drink it. You can perform this method as thrice times in one day and get successful results.



More Helpful Swollen Feet Treatment Tips 
Don’t wear such shoes or footwear which are contributing to the ankle or foot pain issues.

Perform different exercises at home which can prevent you from facing ankle or foot pain issues.

Do not put your whole weight on the ankle and foot while you are walking.

To avoid the pain you can also apply the ice cream cube on the affected area. Read Urdu guide on swollen feet and ankles below this page.

Swollen Feet and Ankles-Causes, Tips, Home Treatment


Swollen Feet and Ankles-Causes, Tips, Home Treatment