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Telenor 3G Dongle Packages 2020 with Prices & Activation Details

Telenor USB Internet Device Price and Speed
Telenor launched its 3G Dongles last year, which provides high speed internet. Company has announced its new Telenor 3G Dongle packages 2020 with prices and activation details. There are 2 types of Telenor 3G dongles. i.e USB Dongle talkshalk & USB Dongle Business. In this page you can view the packages of both of these. Company provides internet access in over four thousands local and many international destinations through its USB dongle. Telenor USB dongle is available from all service centers of the company. Customers can change their packages any time. No hidden charges or extra taxes will be charged from customers at all.


Important Features of Telenor 3G USB
This device works countrywide. You can buy it from any customer service center of company and also use it anywhere.
Available in both prepaid & postpaid
It also works internationally (International roaming access is required).
Telenor 3G dongle is available in both prepaid & postpaid.
Company is providing one year warranty.
It works in load shedding as no power access is required for its working.
Device works on laptops, desktops & tablets but USB port is required for connecting the 3G dongle with your device.
Installation facility is available within the device and no CD is required for installation.
Telenor 3G dongle is compatible on Windows.
Complete visibility of usage and billing details is provided to customers.


How to use your Prepaid Telenor 3G USB Stick?
Login with Admin account
Insert USB Stick
Go to: My Computer > Mobile Partner > Autorun.exe
Go to: Telenor Mobile Partner Folder and click setup.exe to install the software on your machine
Once the software has been installed, restart your computer
You will see the icon of Telenor Mobile Partner on your Desktop, click this icon
You will be able to choose from two separate profiles i.e. Volume based (default) and Time based (optional).
You can then start using the Internet
* If you are required to enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN) code, enter the correct one and click OK. If you fail to enter the correct PIN or PIN Unblocking Key (PUK) code, the network-related functions are unavailable.


Mobilink has already introduced 3G USB dongle and it is expected that other companies will also introduce their 3G USB dongle devices soon. For further details visit official website of Telenor Pakistan. Stay in touch with us for latest technology alerts.

Telenor USB Dongle Packages 2020

Wait for 2020 rates.

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Telenor USB Dongle

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Telenor USB Dongle

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