Tension on Borders-Who Will Win The Next Indo-Pak War?

Just Death Wins in a Nuclear War Does India and Pakistan Know This Reality

Pakistan and India are at the edge of a new war. New Indian government is an extremist government who want to change the demography  and constitutional position of Kashmir. Narindra Moodi thinks that Pak Army is engaged in Waziristan and  Pakistan government is disturbed due to long marches, so its the right time to attack Pakistan. India has bought many news arms from USA and want to make his dream of United India (Akhand Baharat) in to reality. We are sure that many Western powers are encouraging India to teach us a lesson after their failure in Afghanistan.

Now the question arises if India impose a war on Pakistan what will its consequences on region and who will win this war India or Pakistan. Statistically speaking India has much bigger army, air force and navy than Pakistan. It has defeated us too in 1971 war. No true Pakistani can forget the incident of fall of Dhaka. But if big army and latest equipment are the decisive factors for winning any war then why NATO and Russia failed in Afghanistan. Why in spite of being mini super power India take Pakistan as its number one rival. Why India Lost the 1948, 1965 and kargil wars. Pakistani people were not afraid of India even when they did no have atom bomb. Now we are an atomic power and not a single normal human being can even think of starting a atomic war. Then why India is breaking the seize fire again and again why it is violating the international border at Sialkot.

There are two theories, first India want to impose a limited war on Pakistan in Kashmir secondly BJP is following the doctrine of Adwolf Hitler and they think that Pakistan will never use atom bombs due to international pressure and  expected use of atom bomb by India, so its right time to engulf Azad Jammu and Kashmir as Pak Army is busy in fighting a war against terrorism.

Lets evaluate  both these two theories. You can just start a war but making it a limited war depends on the war strategy of other country too. First world war started due to small incident in Bosnia. Secondly its true that Pak Army is fighting a war against terrorists but can any one tell me that which army of the world has defeated taliban and USSR. No other army could do this in the history of world neither Nepolian nor Hitler. Pak Army is pride of whole Muslim Ummah. It can defeat any army of the world without using atom bombs.

Pakistani nation is standing behind Pak Army and every Muslim wishes to be martyred, so its difficult to defeat such a nation. We think that Pakistan will win the next Indo-Pak war and it will be last war between us but being a peace full nation we hope that India will not initiate war as any misunderstanding can become the cause of atomic war and nobody want to create new Mohenjo-daro and Harappa and in a nuclear war just death wins. War is not a part of solution its the part of problem. So India and Pakistan should resolve the Kashmir issue peacefully for avoiding a third world war. Moodi should follow the Bajpai doctrine for peace in region and Indian media should also not create a hype. But if the war will be impose on Pakistan then we are sure that India will have to repent. Why Pakistan and India can not live like USA and Canada and if the war started who will win it and are you afraid of Indian army or ready to face it. Share your point of view too with other,

Tension on Borders-Who Will Win The Next Indo-Pak War?

Tension on Borders-Who Will Win The Next Indo-Pak War?


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