TEVTA Akhuwat Interest Free Loan Scheme 2022-Form, Eligibility

Akhuwat TEVTA Qarz e Hasna Scheme 2022- Download akhuwat Loan Application Form, Required Documents & Eligibility Criteria
Akhuwat has launched another interest free loan scheme in Pakistan with the cooperation of TEVTA. Interest free loans will be given to TEVTA graduates under TEVTA Akhuwat interest free loan scheme 2022. TEVTA has established a special fund for this purpose. Initially PKR 500 million have been provided for this fund. This fund transfer the finances to Akhuwat systematically for this scheme. This scheme is limited to Punjab province only. TEVTA graduates can start their own new business or expand their running business through interest free loan by Akhuwat. If you are a TEVTA graduate and have no funds to start your own business then apply for Akhuwat TEVTA interest free loan as its a 100% merit base scheme.


TEVTA Akhuwat Interest Free Loan Scheme 2018- Form, Eligibility

TEVTA Akhuwat Interest Free Loan Scheme 2022-Form, Eligibility


Salient Features
Average Size of Loan – Rs.50000 to Rs 60000
Limit of Finance- Rs.10000 to Rs.100000
Mark Up Rate – 0%
Repayment Period from Borrowers – 30 Months
Mode of repayment – Monthly Installments
Application procession Fee – Up To 200 Rupees
Rate of Mutual Support Fund – Just 1% of the borrowed amount and it is also not mandatory.



Eligibility Criteria
Candidates must have valid CNIC.
Applicants must be economically active.
Applicants must have no criminal record. He must also not be a drug addict. Akhuwat will investigate both these points before the final approval.
Applicants must be TEVTA graduates and they must have training certificate.


Candidates will have to furnish a character certificate issued by the Principal of their TEVTA institute.
Applicants must be residents of operational areas of Akhuwat.
Applicants will have to provide guarantee of two persons. Theses persons should not be their relatives.
Family of applicant must be ready to pay back the loan.
General repute of candidate should be good in his locality,, school and training institute.


Following guarantees are accepted for TEVTA Akhuwat loan scheme 2022;
Two guarantors


Documents Required
Application form (Available in branch office)
Attested CNIC copy of applicant
Attested CNIC copy of applicant’s father or mother
TEVTA training certificate
TEVTA recommendation certificate
Two passport size recent colored photographs of applicants
Any utility bill of residence like electricity, water or sui gas bill.



Akhuwat Loan Application Form

You can get application form for Akhuwat TEVTA interest free loan scheme from any branch office of Akhuwat. For complete list of branch offices kindly visit Akhuwat.org.pk/contact_us.asp.
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