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The Quaid e Azam Group of Schools & Colleges KPK Admission 2024

QGS&C KPK Open Admission 2024 in Montessori to O-Level, Scholarships Available

The Quaid e Azam Group of Schools and The Quaid i Azam Group of Colleges KPK has announced the schedule for admission 2024 and talent test. Admissions are open in Montessori, Primary, Matric and O-Level. O-Level classes are available in Swabi, Peshawar and Mardan districts. Quaid e Azam Group is only institute in Swabi district which is offering O-Level classes. QGS&C is famous in KPK for getting positions in BISE board exams. Only in Mardan board its students got 1st, 3rd and 4th positions in the SSC exam 2020.



More than 200 talent scholarships are available in QGS&C. Talent test will be conducted for selecting the talented students for awarding scholarships. Talent test for class 6th to 8th will be organized on 0rd April, 2024 and same test for grade 7th and 8th will be conducted on 0th April, 2024.



Facilities in The Quaid e Azam Group of Schools & Colleges KPK

Focus in Quaid e Azam group is given on character building and conceptual clearance. SLO based teaching is the key feature of QGS&C. Students are taught through creative activities. Students are given world wide exposures. Accommodation and transport facilities are also available. Lot of Quaidians have become commissioned officers in armed forces, doctors, engineers, PMS officers, CSS officers, scientists, lecturers, IT experts, lawyers and entrepreneurs. Now its your turn to shine through this prestigious institute of KPK. Here are the details about facilities;


1-Character Building Programs

Character education programs that focus on instilling values, ethics & a sense of responsibility in students.

Extracurricular activities and events promoting teamwork, leadership & community engagement.


2-SLO (Student Learning Outcomes) Based Teaching:

Curriculum and teaching methods aligned with clearly defined learning outcomes.
Regular assessments & evaluations to measure and improve student achievement.


3-Learning Through Activities:

Integration of hands-on activities, projects & practical experiences into the curriculum.
Emphasis on interactive & experiential learning methods to enhance understanding.


4-Hostel Facilities:

Residential facilities for students who come from distant locations.
Adequate accommodations, common areas & supervision to ensure a conducive living and learning environment.


5-Transport Facilities:

Safe & reliable transportation services for commuting students.
Well-maintained vehicles with designated routes for pick-up & drop-off.




The Quaid e Azam Group of Schools & Colleges has its campuses in Zaida, Kotha, Nowshera, Peshawar, Swabi, Mardan and Charsadda. Soon more campuses will be opened in other cities of KPK. Phone numbers of these campuses have been given in the ad. Contact your nearest campus for detailed guidance on admission 2024 related matters. List of prominent position holders has been given below.


The Peace Group of Schools & Colleges KPK Admission 2024, Scholarships


The Quaid e Azam Group of Schools & Colleges KPK Admission 2024


The Quaid e Azam Group of Schools & Colleges KPK Admission 2024