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Top 10 Career Options With Great Scope

Top Ten Most Popular Career Options With Great  Scope  

Today we shall discuss the top ten career options for students of Pakistan which have great scope. You may go for any of these options but it is highly recommended to you that go for the career in which you have interest.

Medical is a great career options for those who want to serve the humanity. This field will give you job satisfaction as well as opportunities of becoming rich. Many students leave medical field after failure in getting admission in MBBS or BDS. They think that these are two only career options in medical field. In fact there are many great alternatives of MBBS and BDS. We have written a detailed article on this topic.

Alternative Options of MBBS & BDSAfter FSc Pre Medical & A-Level

Unfortunately education has also become a great profitable business now a day. There is a great demand of trained teachers in all over the world. Although Bachelor or Master degree holder in any subject can join teaching line but it Is recommended for all those individuals who want to become teacher or lecturer to get a professional degree in education.

3-Information Technology
Computer has entered in all fields of life. After few years a person without IT skills will be considered an illiterate person. There are basically three categories of career in computer field i.e hardware, software and IT. You may also earn unlimited money from home being An IT specialist.

Scope of Information Technology

Engineers are the most highly paid professionals now a day. It’s a field profession which require a lot of hard work in the beginning. Students who are good in Mathematics should try to become a engineer. Due to great competition it is not possible to every student to get admission in any engineering discipline except software engineering, so think about this option carefully.

Career & Scope

Being an advocate High Court I have included this option, using my discretionary power. Law is sacred profession for those who want to help other and who believe in supremacy of law in the society. A judge is retired after maximum 65 years but an advocate never retires.In the initial stage of your career as a lawyer, you will have to strive to earn good will.

How To Become A Successful Lawyer

Media has become an industry and 4th pillar of state. It’s the short cut of becoming reach and getting fame in a limited time. You can guide the people an become an opinion maker as a journalist.

How To Become A Successful Journalist

No job is better than any business. If you have high dreams in life then think about starting a business. As per recent research only 10% employed persons are billionaire. It’s a risky field but the outcome this career is better than any other career, so the final choice is yours. Now a days you may also start many businesses online, so think about this option too. We have written some articles for creative person who can start their business with zero investment.

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If you want to serve your nation then army job should be your first preference. You can get good income fame rather I should say respect through this profession in the society. It’s a sacred job for Muslims.

How To Join Pak Army

9-Civil Service
Power conscious persons have 4 career options i.e. army, civil service, journalism and law. For becoming the civil servant you will have to clear the competitive exam with distinction.

25 Super Tips For Competitive Exams Preparation (CSS, PMS, PCS)

10-Career As a Professional
A professional of any field can never face a recession period in his whole career. Psychologist, Economist, Banker, Scientist, Fashion Designer and Accountant are all professional people. Professionals of any field can launch their own business as well as they can get highly paid job. Remember that in professional fields you skills matters more than your marks or degree. You must have interest in your professional field for success in your career.

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