Top 10 FAQ About Digiskills Courses, Admission, Registration, LMS & Result

Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Virtual University of Pakistan, Ignite & Digiskills Courses, Learning Management System (LMS), Registration, Admission, Result
Here on this page we have given top 10 frequently asked questions (FAQ) about  Virtual University of Pakistan, Ignite & Digiskills courses, Learning Management System (LMS), registration process, admission schedule and result of different training programs.

Q1-What is The Fee of Different Digiskills Courses?
Ans 1-All Digiskills courses are 100% free of cost. No monthly fee, admission fee, certificate fee or any hidden charges are received from students.

Q2-Which training programs are being offered by
Ans 2-At present following professional training programs are being offered by Digiskills
E-Commerce Management
Creative Writing
Graphics Design
Quick Books
Word Press
Auto CAD
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Digital Marketing
Digital Literacy

Q3-Is Digiskills a Private Project or Government Project?
Ans 3-Digiskills is a public sector project. Federal ministry of Information technology and telecom is patronizing this scheme.

Q4-Will Students Be Given a Certificate By Any Authority?
Ans 4-Yes, Of-course you will be given e-certificate issued by Virtual University of Pakistan. For getting this e-certificate you will have to fulfill the training course completion criteria.

FAQ About Digiskills Courses, Admission, Registration, LMS & Result

FAQ About Digiskills Courses, Admission, Registration, LMS & Result

Q5-Where I Will Have To Attend The Classes?
Ans 5-Digiskills is an online training program. Special learning management system has bee developed on official website of Digiskills. Here videos have been uploaded for all the Digiskills courses. You may proceed with your own pace.

Q6-Can I Get Admission in More Than One Course at a Time?
Ans 6-In one batch, you may get admission in maximum 2 online professional courses. For getting admission in any course you will have to sign up on and after that you will have to complete your profile for accessing the training videos of your course.

Q7-What are The Benefits of Getting Admission in Digiskills Courses?
Ans 7-Its a free training program. You do not need to attend any classes as its a 100% online program. You will get government certification on successful completion of the training. After getting training you may work as freelancer. You may get job in your field. Last but not least you may also launch your own business both off-line and online.

Q8-What Are The Basic Requirements For These Digiskills Courses?
Ans 8-There are just 2 following basic technical requirements for these online professional training Digiskills courses.
1-You need to have laptop or desktop computer on your disposal. You can not access to these digiskills courses via smart phones.
2-You also need to have a stable internet connection.

Q9-What is The Eligibility Criteria For Getting Admission in Digital Skills Courses?
Ans 9-There is no any eligibility criteria for these digital skills courses. Both men and women of all ages with any qualification can get admission in these digital skills training courses.

Q10-How I Can Get The Answers of My Questions?
Ans 10-You may ask any question related to your course through learning management system. You may also ask question through contact us page of For contacting your tutor you may call at 92 311-111-3444.

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