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Top 10 Marketing Tips for Salesmen in Pakistan-Increase Your Sales Quickly

Top Ten Sales Tips For Salesperson in Pakistan-Learn The Basics of Marketing Field
Marketing and sales are the most important parts in any business. Here on this page we are going to publish top ten marketing tips for salesmen in Pakistan. These sales tips may help you a lot in increasing the sales volume. Today we shall also guide you about convincing a distributor. Here are the top ten marketing tips for beginners;

Top Ten Sales & Marketing Tips For All

1-Try Try Again
Salesmen will have to change their mindset for success in the marketing field. Majority of salesperson do not visit a outlet again from where they get no order in first attempt. You will have to visit such outlets in future too, until you get a positive response. Consistency is key to success in the field of marketing and sales. Understand the strengths of your products and explain it to shopkeeper for convincing him. Give him strong arguments for convincing the customers.Never be fed up with your job.


Your products should be in access of shopkeeper. Remember that a general vendor try to sell the product which is in its range while sitting on a chair. So try to set your product near the shopkeeper’s sitting or standing position.



Top 10 Marketing Tips for Salesmen in Pakistan-Increase Your Sales Quickly


Your product should be visible to the ordinary customers. For this purpose you should have very good relation with the retailer, so that he may allow you to change the setting of your product position in his shop.


Retailer should have enough stock of your product, so that it may remain in shelves even after sales. For this purpose you will have to leave enough stock at each outlet. Provide some stock on credit basis too, if you are dealing only in cash. Immediately provide the more stock on receiving a demand from any shop.


5-Behavior of Salesman
Give importance to shopkeeper. speak less listen more. Try to understand and solve the problems of shopkeepers . Resolve the complains immediately.



6-Give Incentives
Give maximum incentives to the shop keeper and customers for increasing your sales. For this this purpose you should even compromise on your commission too.



7-SMS Marketing
SMS marketing is very helpful strategy for increasing sales. You may now send SMS in the targeted locations too. Send SMS to your shopkeepers network too on festival occasions.



You should paste stickers about your key products in and near all shops with whom you are dealing. These posters and stickers should be very colorful and attractive with key features of your products.



9-Whatsapp Group
Make a whatsapp group of your customers for remaining in touch with them daily. Publish special offers regularly in this group.



10-Online Presence & Use of Social Media
Your online presence is also very important. Use all online sources for marketing purpose like and Olx. Email marketing may also help you a lot. Use facebook marketing techniques too. For example you may share the ads of your products in the facebook groups of your targeted areas. Last but not least learn digital marketing techniques too.



How To Convince a Distributor? Best Marketing Tips
Convincing a distributor is very important for success in the areas of sales and marketing. Remember that distributors entertain only those salesmen who offer reasonable rates of quality products with the facility of credit. So cheap rate, complain free products and credit are three key rules for convincing a distributor. Read our following post too for reading more marketing tips and sales tips both in English and Urdu languages.



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