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Top 10 Part Time Jobs & Businesses For Students With Zero Investment

Top Ten Part Time Jobs & Part Time Business Ideas With Zero Investment
Students always needs some extra money to fulfill their needs and desires. Some great sensitive students want to help their parents but do not know what to do to earn some extra money in their spare time. In this article we shall discuss some unique ideas about part time jobs and part time business for which no investment is required.

1-Short Hand & Typing
I strongly recommend all students to learn short hand and typing as there is a great demand of typist and short hand experts both in private and public sector. You may start your own composing business at home and can get job also by learning short hand and typing. Pakistani students should also learn inpage for Urdu typing.

2-Graphic & Web Designing
There is a great demand of graphic and web designers. For web designing learn minimum HTML, HTML 5, and CSS. For part time job and business of graphic designing lean at least CorelDraw and Adobe PhotoShop. These courses will enable you to start a business or get a job.

3-Web Development
After learning web development you may also find a part time job. You can also launch your own websites and earn money through Google adsense. You may also develop websites for others. We have written a detailed articles on web development. You must read it.

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Top 10 Part Time Jobs & Businesses For Students With Zero Investment

4-Home Tuition
You may start your own coaching center in your drawing room. It a best option for female students. Students may also get home tuition. Its a high paying job specially for science students. You can also start your home tutor providing business. We have a written a detailed article on home tutor business too.

5-Online Earning
There are many easy methods of online earning and we have written guiding articles on many of them.  You just need a computer and internet connection for earning money online. Large number of jobs are also available in this sector but majority of them are fake. We recommend following methods;

Affiliate Marketing

Freelance Writing

Selling Services

Online Writing

Web development

SEO Service

Stock Trading

6-Mobile Repairing
In Pakistan mobile repairing is one of the best part time business option. Almost every individual in Pakistan has mobile set. You do not need to learn electronics at all. In mobile repairing, you will have have to just change the defective parts of mobile. You can learn mobile repairing in just 3 months.

Almost all store need salesman. Its an easily available part time job. Salesman ship or marketing is a great skill. Experience in this field will help you a lot in your future career. I specially recommend this job for shy students as it will make you confident.

8-Agent (Property, Insurance, marriage & travel etc)
Just like salesman ship insurance and property agent jobs are also recommended part time jobs for social and confident students who have great convincing and communication skills. History students can become travel guide too.

Students who are good at Mathematics, accountancy or statistics can get a part time job of accountant in any firm or shop. Learn computerized accounting (Peach tree software) for better chances of accountant job.

10-Makeup Artist/Still Photography and Movie Making
Females can become makeup artist to start their own beauty parlor in drawing room. Boy students can start the business of still photography and movie making. Both these are best paying businesses and now a days due to modern cameras, no special skills are required for becoming a part photographer.

Unique Business Ideas & Tips With Zero Investment

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