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Top 10 Success Tips By Bill Gates

How To Get Success?  Top Ten Bill Gates Tips
Bill Gates is the most successful man in our age. He has shared the top ten success tips of his life. You must read them and try to follow them as it is also a success tip to learn from the experiences of other successful persons.

1-Life is not easy for any one. No one of us is perfect and lucky in all matters, but Almighty Allah has given us the ability and authority to change our life. Success, failure, wealth, fame, honor and disgrace are in our own hands. Never forget that the staring of your life is in your own hands.

2-This world is not with any body. People do not care, who are you, from where you have come, what do you want to do. However if if you will succeed in life then every one will be with you. Success can change your confidence, attitude and status.

3-No one in this world can get success with out hard work. We have to pay the price of the success and the price of success is just hard work. So forget that you will get success in life by chance. Nothing is by chance is in this world. Every thing is calculated and planned.


Top 10 Success Tips By Bill Gates

4-If you think that your teacher is so hard, boss is so aggressive, clients in business are very hard to handle, then remember that the real issue is your own attitude. Change your attitudes towards life, circumstances and people. Success or failure in life largely depends upon your own attitude. Avoid over sensitivity.

5-Give due importance to all important and minor things in your life.  Never think that that your business or job is small.Remember that small business and job one day become good job and large business.

6-Learn lessons from your mistakes. To err is human and everyone of us make mistakes in life. It is not important that you commit mistakes in life or not, important thing is, do you learn from your mistakes or not? Do commit mistakes but learn lessons from them for avoiding them in future. This is the only way of improving yourself. We human being learn from trial and error method.

7-In your life you have to take many decisions yourself. So never rely on others and take your decisions yourself. If you will rely on others for your tasks or decisions than you will never be able to become a successful man in life.

8-You get chance once in a life so never miss it.

9-Time is money so utilize it very wisely. You have 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year to prove your self. How do you spend this time, will decide your success and failure.

10-Come out of the fantasy world. Whatever we see in TV or novels is not real. In real life we have strive hard to get success. You can not become a CEO of a company immediately after completing your degree. You degree can provide you just an entry level job in any organization. After that you will have to earn each new success with your hard work.