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Top 100 Facts About Canada-Improve Your General Knowledge

Top 100 General Knowledge Facts About Canada
Hello & welcome to our blog post on the top general knowledge based facts about Canada! In this informative article we shall explore the fascinating & diverse aspects of Canada, from its geography & landmarks to its history, culture, economy, wildlife, sports & many more interesting topics. Canada is generally known for its stunning natural beauty, rich history & multicultural society. We are excited to share some of the most intriguing GK based facts about this incredible country.



I. General Knowledge About Canada

Its just 20% area is inhabited by human beings remaining 80% area in consist of either ice or water. Its each 4th person is immigrant. At present there are more than 2 million jobs are available in Canada, but country has failed to find the right persons for these jobs. Its population is increasing with the rate of 1.5 which is extremely low. In-spite of vast uninhibited land, residences in Canada are very costly. Here people above 65 years are more than 19% (7 million) of the total population. Canada is more than double big than the whole EU countries. Canada and USA share the longest international border of the world which is about 8890 km.




Top 100 Facts About Canada-Improve Your General Knowledge



A. Facts About Canada

Trans Canada highway is located on this border which is about 7600 km, which is one the longest highways of the world. Canada’s population is about 40 million rupees. More than 80% of its population is urban based. 85% population of Canada resides near the cities on USA Canada boarder. Ottawa the capital of Canada is considered one of the coldest capital of the world. Toronto is the most populous city of Canada and its population is about 7 millions. North western areas of Canada is 1/3 of the Canada’s total territory but here its population is just 1% of the total population of Canada as here just 70000 people live. Population of Canada at the time of its independence was just 3.4 millions and now in 2023 it is about 38.9 millions.



B. Interesting Information About Canada

Average income in Canada is about 53000$. Average age in Canada is 83.05 years. Just 4 people live in 1 square km area of Canada. Its just 95500000 acre area is under cultivation. This country is one of the top ten producers of timber due to its vast forests. Out of 5 great lakes of world four are situated on the Canadian USA boarder i.e Erie, Huron, Ontario and lake superior. 17 rivers of Canada are more than 1000 km long. Six water falls of this country are more than 500 meters high. Canada has 11% total reserves of the world’s oil. Gas, coal and gems, uranium, aluminium, platinum, nickle, gold, silver and copper are also found here. Every second person has a car. 1 million Sikhs live in Canada. If you want to get work permit of Canada then do visit our following article for getting details in this regard;



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II. Geography and Landmarks:

A. Size and Location:

1. Canada is the 2nd-largest country in the world by land area, spanning approximately 9.98 million square kilometers. It means that Canada has more than 12 times bigger than Pakistan.


2. It is located in North America & is bordered by the United States to the south, Alaska (USA) to the west & the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans to the east and west, respectively.


B. Natural Wonders:

1. Niagara Falls is located on the border between Ontario (Canada) & New York (United States of America). It is 1 of the most famous & beautiful natural landmarks in the world.


2. The Rocky Mountains are stretching from British Columbia to Alberta & these mountains offer breathtaking landscapes & are a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts.


C. Major Cities:

1. Toronto, the largest city in Canada and it is known for its vibrant multiculturalism, iconic CN Tower & bustling downtown core.


2. Vancouver is located on the west coast. It boasts stunning views of mountains & the Pacific Ocean and is renowned for its diverse culinary scene.


3. Montreal is the 2nd-largest city of Canada & it is known for its European charm, historic architecture & vibrant arts and culture scene.


III. History & Culture:

A. Indigenous Peoples:

1. Indigenous peoples, including 1st Nations, Inuit & M├ętis, have played a significant role in shaping Canadian identity.


2. Canada is home to over 600 distinct First Nations, each with its own unique culture, traditions & languages.


B. European Settlement:

1. French & British influences have shaped Canada’s history. French colonized th Quebec & British colonized the other parts of the country.


2. Canada became a confederation on July 1, 1867. At that time the union had 4 provinces: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick & Nova Scotia. Now it has 10 provinces and 3 territories.


C. Multiculturalism:

1. Canada has a rich history of immigration. Waves of immigrants came here from many countries throughout its history.


2. Today, Canada celebrates its cultural diversity & it is known for its inclusive policies and multicultural society.



IV. Economy and Industry:

A. Natural Resources:

1. Canada is blessed with an abundance of natural resources like timber, minerals & oil, which have contributed significantly to its economy.


2. The extraction & export of these precious natural resources have played a crucial role in the economic growth of Canada.


B. Technology and Innovation:

1. Canada has made significant contributions to science & technology. notable inventions and innovations from this country are insulin, the Canadarm, and the BlackBerry.


2. Canadian universities & research institutions are renowned for their research and development in various fields of science and technology.


C. World Trade:

1. Canada has strong trading relationships with countries worldwide. It has best bilateral relations with USA as United States is its largest trading partner.


2. Automotive, aerospace, natural resources & agri-food products are the key export industries of this country.



V. Wildlife and Environment:

A. Biodiversity:

1. Canada is home to diverse ecosystems like forests, tundra, prairies & coastal regions which support large number of species of plants & animals.


2. Polar bears, moose, beavers & the elusive Canadian lynx are some of the unique animal species whic are found in Canada.


B. Environmental Sustainability:


1. Canada has made significant efforts in conservation & environmental protection. It has numerous national parks, marine protected areas & wildlife reserves.


2. This country has also taken steps towards green initiatives e.g renewable energy development & reducing greenhouse gas emissions.



VI. Sports and Recreation:

A. Popular Sports:

1. Ice hockey is often considered Canada’s national sport & is deeply ingrained in the country’s culture.


2. Other popular sports in Canada include lacrosse, basketball, soccer & Canadian football.


B. Outdoor Activities:

1. Canada offers a wealth of outdoor activities like a vast network of hiking trails & numerous national parks to explore the beauties of nature.


2. Skiing & snowboarding enthusiasts can enjoy world-class resorts in destinations like Whistler (British Columbia) & Banff (Alberta).



VII. Fun Facts:

A. Canadian Food:

1. Poutine is a dish originating from Quebec which is consists of French fries topped with cheese curds & smothered in gravy.


2. Canada is the largest producer of maple syrup globally & it is often used as a topping for pancakes & waffles.


B. Strange Canadian Laws:

1. It is illegal in Canada to build a snowman taller than 30 inches in Souris, Prince Edward Island.


2. Canada also has quirky traditions like the annual polar bear dip, where brave participants plunge into icy waters on New Year’s Day.



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In conclusion, Canada is a country of immense beauty, rich history & cultural diversity. From its stunning natural wonders & vibrant cities to its multicultural society and thriving economy, Canada offers a wealth of experiences for both residents & visitors. We hope this blog post has provided you with a glimpse into the top general knowledge facts about Canada & inspired you to explore further the unique aspects of this incredible country.



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