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Top 20 Skin Care Tips For Females in Urdu & English Languages

Read Top 20 Beauty & Skin Care Tips For Women of All Ages in English and Urdu Languages 
Skin is the largest organ in human body. Its health is very important for our beauty. Today we shall share top 20 skin care tips with our readers in Urdu and English languages. Hopefully you will read these skin care tips carefully and follow the given instructions for having glowing skin.

Top Twenty Beauty & Skin Care Tips For Girls

1-Fast food is not good for the health of your skin.

2-Depression and anxiety may also become the cause of pimples and acne.

3-Drink 8 glasses of water daily for making your skin shiny and pimples free.

4-Broiler chicken has steroids in it and its excessive use can grow hair on your face.

5-Use butter, curd, desi ghee and fruits instead of junk and fast food.

6-Leucoderma is not the result of taking fish and milk at a time. Its an genetic disease and result of cousin marriages.

7-Drink fresh juices and dairy products instead of soft drinks.

8-Gram flour/chick pea flour (Besan), lemon, cucumber and cream are very useful for skin.

9-Never use injections for whitening your skin as it may fail your kidneys.

10-You must take bath at least once a day. Never use artificial masks for face facial. Use vegetables, fruits and mud masks for having a beautiful face skin.

11-Massage with olive oil can also glow your skin.

12-Vitamin A is best for many skin diseases like acne & pimples, so try to eat diets having vitamin A.

13-Hair whitening creams have steroids and these creams have lot of side effects like acne, pimple, hair on face, moles and wrinkles. Just use vitamin A for whitening your skin.

14-Always use make up with natural and herbal contents.

15-Try to eat all seasonal vegetables and fruits. You must also add salad in your lunch and dinner.

16-Avoid using suger and remember that honey is the best alternative of artificial sugar.

17-Daily regular exercise, Yoga and even 5 times Muslim prayer will open the pores of your skin for the drainage of rough elements.

18-Always take homeopathic or herbal medicines for any skin problem as these medicines do not contain any kind of steroids and chemicals and have no side effects.

19-Use milk instead of tea or coffee. Avoid using pills of vitamin rather use fresh vegetables, fruits and juices as alternative.

20-Protect your skin from excessive sun rays. Void smoking and all narcotics including alcohol.  Here are links of our two related articles on skin care tips.

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Top 20 Skin Care Tips For Females in Urdu & English Languages

Top 20 Skin Care Tips For Females in Urdu & English Languages