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Top 5 Experts of Spiritual Healing in Pakistan

Top Five  Experts of Spiritual Healing 
Late Ishfaq Ahmad was the biggest fan of Babas and spiritual healers in Pakistan. Large number of spiritual healers are serving the people in Pakistan but only few of them provide their services free of cost. In this post we shall give you brief introduction of top five experts of spiritual healing in Pakistan who provide their services free of cost.

Top Expert of Spiritual Healing in Pakistan  Professor Fazal Karim
Professor Fazal Karim is the best expert of spiritual healing in Pakistan. He is the founder of Islamic Reiki and the first and only grand Muslim Reiki master in the world. He do not take even a single penny for treating the people. He also treat the people on telephone. Anyone can call him any time. We have written a detailed article on his services in the field of spiritual healing. He is the only spiritual healer who is in the access of all people of the world. You may contact this great man at 03216460108.

Spiritual Healing

Top 5 Experts of Spiritual Healing in Pakistan

Qamar Iqbal Sufi
Qammar Iqbal Sufi has written many books on spiritualism and we have written detailed article on him. You must read it for further information. His phone number is 03085751575.

Professor Ahmad Rafiq Akhtar
Professor Ahmad Rafique Akhtar claims that he has the knowledge of Isma ul Husna and he give people their matching name of Almighty Allah for reciting. He is not in the access of common man. Basically he is a scholar, philosopher and guide of elite class. He prescribes tasbihat through his website too.

Baba Irfan ul Haq
Baba Irfan ul Haq is a ex banker (MCB) but now he has become an spiritual healer. Baba g meets his followers at his dera in Jhelum. People have to wait for long time for their turn. Books of Baba Irfan ul Haq are available from his dera only.

Sarfarz Ahmad
He is the most famous “faqir” of Pakistan. He has written lot of books on spiritualism. He also meets the people individually in Lahore. You may buy his books on faqir series from Jahangir book depot Lahore.

Bonus Healer- Baba G
Basically Baba G is the at the top of my list. I met him accidentally some years before. I admire personally just their experts of spiritual healing i.e Baba G, Professor Fazal Karim and Qammar Iqbal Sufi. Baba G is not ready to disclose his identity at present. When ever he will allow me introduce his self i will inform you about his contact details through this post. If Baba G will allow me then i shall also launch a website on his behalf.

A fake PhD degree holder hakeem is also looting people in Lahore but Baba G has not given me permission to disclose his name. A copy cat professor of technical college is also presenting himself as an spiritual healer but not only copy the books of above mentioned experts of spiritual healers but also charge money secretly. Stay in touch with us and our facebook page for latest information about the experts of spiritual healers all over the world.