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Top 6 Foods To Reduce Belly Fat (Tips in English & Urdu)

Best Diet Plan For Reducing Belly Fat-Super Tips in English & Urdu
Belly fat has become a big problem in 1st century. About 25% of world population is worried due to their belly fat. Specially women hate belly fat as it destroys their beauty. Now you can reduce your belly fat just by changing your eating habits. Today we shall guide you about top foods to reduce belly fat.

1-Green Tea
Green tea is the best solution for burning the belly fat. It can burn your belly fat naturally, but you must take more than cups of green tea in a day.

2-Almond and Olive Oil
Honey is the best food for the treatment of all diseases, while olive oil is the best medicinal oil. It has no side effects. Almond oil is a good alternative for the burning of belly fat.

3-Omega 3 Fatty Acid
Foods containing omega 3 fatty acid are also helpful in burning the belly fat. Dry fruits specially walnut and fish can reduce your weight.

4-Traditional Spices
Natural spices are also very useful for our body.Garlic, turmeric, ginger, chelly and cinnamon are best spices for reducing belly fat quickly, so Increase the percentage of these spices in your food.

Drink at least 6 glasses of water in a day for reducing your weight as water helps our body in disposing off harmful elements.

Grain contain fiber which controls the reaction of insulin our body. Grain also contain vitamin B, which reduces our weight.
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Top 6 Foods To Reduce Belly Fat (Tips in English & Urdu)

Top 6 Foods To Reduce Belly Fat (Tips in English & Urdu)