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Top Ten Career Options For Science Students After Matric & O-Level

Top 10 Further Study Options  For Science Students In Pakistan After Matric & O-Level
Career counseling is the most neglected area in our educational system that’s why we are trying to write maximum articles on career counseling. Many students feel difficulty in selecting best further study option for them after Matric and O-Level. We have written this post Best Career Options For Science Students After Matric & O-Level) to guide all such students. Almost about all these options, we have also written separate detailed articles too. Our team of career counselors also try to reply your each and every query. So take as your online guide and friend and never hesitate in asking any question.

1-FSc Pre Engineering
FSc Pre Engineering is the best further study option after Matriculation and O-Level for science students. In fact Math is the key difference between FSc Pre Medical and FSc Pre Engineering. It opens many further study options for you after intermediate other than engineering. If you are good in Mathematics and do not like Physics, chemistry then try to prefer FA General science or take Mathematics as an optional subject in FA.

2-FSc Pre Medical
If you have studied Biology in Matriculation and your marks are good in Biology then FSc Pre Medical Should be your first priority. But remember that it is considered that in case of failure in medical or dental college Pre Medical do not have too many study options after inter. So once you get admission in FSc then take it as the most important task of your life to get A+ grade. Although i do not agree with this perception that’s why i have written an article “Alternative Options of MBBS & BDS After FSc Pre Medical”. Still Pre Engineering students have a little bit of an edge on you as they can move forward in many directions. So its my humble suggestion that you should consider to take additional paper of Mathematics in case of getting low marks in FSc Pre Medical.

If you have a little bit of interest in IT, Programming and Mathematics then prefer ICS on FSc Pre Engineering and FA General Science as it will help you a lot in BCS and BSCS.

If you have not got at least A grade in Matriculation then prefer DAE as there is a great demand of associate engineers in the job markets of Pakistan and Middle East. This diploma will also make you a self employed person. Its a professional diploma and you may also go for BTech after  it. If you have interest in science subjects than prefer it on simple FA, I.Com and D.Com.

Top Ten  Career Options For Science Students After Matric & O-Level

Top Ten  Career Options For Science Students After Matric & O-Level

5-FA General Science
After FSc Pre Engineering FA General Science is one of the best option for you guys. You may enter in computer and Commerce fields after it. If you are still not make your mind about your future study plan then prefer it on I.Com, D.Com and I.C.S but if you have recognized you natural talent in the field of Commerce or IT then prefer I.Com/D.Com and ICS.

Diploma in Homeopathic  Medical System is a four year diploma and it is equivalent to BSc. So if you have not got good marks in Matric with Biology and still you want to become a doctor than its best option for you. After DHMS you may get admission in 3 years condensed BHMS program which is equivalent to BS. I personally recommend this diploma to all females as it helps you a lot in earning money from your home.

FTJ Fazil-e-Tibb-wal-Jarahat is also a 4 years program in traditional medicine but still it has not been given equal status to BSc.

If you are interested in opening a medical store than do consider 2 years Pharmacy technician diploma.

9-Diplomas/short Courses
You may also get admission in many vocational diplomas and short courses offered by TEVTA, PMF  and boards of technical education.

I personally do not recommend A-Level at all as students of A-Level have to face many difficulties in Pakistan for admission in medical colleges and engineering universities. The days have passed when A-Level was considered  superior to local qualifications. Now it has become just a status symbol of Mummy daddy class. We also recommend you to read our these articles.

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Just visit the best educational website  daily for reading articles on on career counseling and decide it yourself that which is the best. If we are not not the best then do not waste your time.  We also write articles on your demand. Stay blessed always.