Top Ten Careers For Women in 2022-High Paying Jobs For Females

Top 10 Career Options For Females in 2022
Women empowerment has become a big issue now a days. For women empowerment it is necessary that females should be able to earn money. In a traditional society like Pakistan women should get professional education specially in field where they will be able to earn money from home. Today we shall discuss top ten professions for females in Pakistan for women empowerment in 2022.


Top 10 Careers For Women Empowerment


Teaching is a best career option for females. Females should not disconnect your studies after graduation. They must go for at least BEd degree as it will open large number the door of large number job opportunities for them in schools. Those females who want to become lecturer should go for MA in the subject of their interest but BEd is still a recommended degree for them. MA Education and MA Special education have also great scope for women. O.k, i give you another tip for MA, try to go for MA Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies, English or Urdu as finding a lectureship is more easier in these subjects.



Due to their kind and sympathetic nature females can perform well in medical field too. Majority of my sisters think that MBBS is the only best option for becoming a doctor. Fortunately now you can add the title of dr with your name after completing following degrees too.
Doctor of Clinical Lab Sciences (DCLS)
Doctor of Nutrition & Dietetics
MSc Psychology



Females who do not have craze to become a doctor can go for BS in following areas too.
Applied Microbiology
Dental Hygiene
Bio Bioinformatics
BBA Agri Business
Feed Technology
Farm Management
Agri Sciences
B Pharmacy
Environmental Sciences
Nutrition & Dietetics
Biological Sciences
Poultry Science
Dairy Technology
Medical Imaging Technology
Medical Lab Technology
Speech and Language Pathology
Dental Technology



For women empowerment it is necessary that females should come in the field of business too. BBA, MBA are the best options for those women, who want to enter in the field of business.



Now a days females are being welcomed in legal field too. Large number of female judges are being recruited. Females like to hire lady lawyer for their cases so there is a great scope for females in legal field.



5-Beautician/Fashion Designing/Interior Decoration
Beautician, fashion designing and interior designing are the best career options for females as they have better aesthetic sense than males.



Top Ten

Top Ten Careers For Women in 2022-High Paying Jobs For Females


6-Civil Service
Civil servants run the country. For women empowerment it is necessary that women should try to join civil service through competitive exams like CSS, PMS and PCS.



7-Hotel Management/Air Hostesses
Females are considered the best cooking experts but they are also welcomed in other areas of hotel industry.



Media is the forth pillar of the state. It is necessary for women empowerment that females should join electronic and print media. This the best field for those females who have good verbal or non verbal communication skills.



9-Information Technology 
We are living in the era of computer and IT. Our world has become a global village. IT field allows females to earn money while staying at their homes.



10-Banking & Commerce
Almost all banking jobs are desk jobs. That’s why it is one of the best career options for women.


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