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Top Ten Degrees in Medicine For Students of Pakistan

Top Ten Degrees in Medicine For Pakistani Students 
Medicine is a very vast field.There are many degrees available in Pakistan through which a person can become a doctor and can prescribe medicines of different kinds. In this article we shall let you introduce with top ten degrees and diplomas related to medicine field. After the completion of nine of these courses you may use the prefix of dr with your name. All these programs have great scope specially for females.

MBBS is considered the best degree in medicine. Its a five year degree after FSc Pre Medical or A-Level. Students have to face very tough competition for admission in MBBS. Those who fail to get admission in local colleges try to get admission in Chinese medical colleges as MBBS in China is very cheap and acceptable in Pakistan.

Top Ten Degrees in Medicine For Students of Pakistan

Top Ten Degrees in Medicine For Students of Pakistan

BDS is a Bahcelor degree in dentistry. Just like MBBS for admission in BDS students have to clear MCAT test. BDS degree holders can prescribe medicine only for dental problems.

Bachelor of Eastern Medicine & Surgery is also a HEC recognized medicine degree in Pakistan. It is related to herbal, Unani and Eastern medicine only. Just like MBBS and BDS its a Bachelor degree and you may go for any master program after it. Till now there is not a high competition in the fields of BEMS and BHMS.

BHMS is also a bachelor medicine degree but in Homeopathic Medicine. Its too a five year program after FSc Pre Medical. BHMS is the abbreviation of Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. BHMS degree holder can prescribe just homeopathic medicines.

Phram-D is also a medicine degree but it is related to pharmacy. Holder of Pharm-D degree is also called doctor but doctor of pharmacy.

Top Ten Degrees in Medicine For Students of Pakistan

DPT is the abbreviation of Doctor of Physical Therapy of Physiotherapy . Doctor of Physical therapy can prescribe the medicine related to physical problems only.

7-MSc Applied Psychology
MSc Applied Psychology degree holder is called psychiatrist/Psychologist. There is great scope of Psychology in Pakistan and abroad. A psychiatrist can prescribe the medicine only related to psychic problems.

DHMS is not a degree as its a four year diploma in homeopathic medicine but a DHMS diploma holder is also called doctor and he can prescribe homeopathic medicine by law.

FTJ is a 4 year diploma in Eastern medicine. Diploma holder can prescribe the Easter medicine only. He may also get admission in 3 year condensed BEMS degree program. FTJ/DUMS and DHMS are the recommended options for Marticulate and C grade holders students of FSc Pre Medical.

DND is the abbreviation of doctor of nutrition of dietetics while DNS is the abbreviation of doctor of nutrition sciences. Although both theses degree are largely related to food and nutrition but a doctor of nutrition can also prescribe food supplements, vitamins and limited medicines to patients.

We have written detailed articles on scope of all 10 above mentioned programs, you must read them for further guidance. Stay in touch with us and our FB page and group for career guidance about different medical programs.

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