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Top Ten Differences Between O-Level & Matric in Pakistan

Top 10 Differences Between O Level & Matriculation in Pakistan
8th class students have 2 options after clearing the middle standard exam in Pakistan i.e Matric and O-Level. Majority of Pakistani students and even teachers have no idea about the difference and scope of Matriculation and O-Level. There is a great difference between O-Level and Matriculation. Today we shall discuss top ten differences between O-Level & Matric in Pakistan.

Top Ten Differences Between O-Level & Matric in Pakistan

Top Ten Differences Between O-Level & Matric in Pakistan

1-Matriculation is local SSC (Secondary School Completion) level certificate issued by boards of intermediate and secondary education of Pakistan. CIE UK (Cambridge International Examination) conducts the O-Level exam all over the world. It is recognized globally

2-It is said that O level syllabus is more comprehensive and activity based. O Level can polish your hidden talent. International educationists prepare the syllabus of O Level as per the needs of modem times. There is no comparison between O-Level and matriculation as far as syllabus is concerned.

3-O-Level is recognized all over the world, where as Matric students have to face difficulties in foreign countries for further education after matriculation, as its a local Pakistani certificate.

4-Medium of instruction in O-Level is just English. Its a great Plus point of O-Level as English is not only one and only international language of the world, but also the official language of Pakistan. Majority of matriculation students prefer to take exam in Urdu language. Unfortunately such students have to face lot of difficulties in their future educational careers. Specially science students with Urdu medium background can not get good marks in FSc, so science students of matriculation should either study science subjects in English or they should go for O-Level.

4-O level examination system is not affordable for middle class students of Pakistan . Its lot more expensive than matriculation. Will you believe that my student M Adnan Illyas is running a home tutor academy and he provides home tutor to matriculation science students in just 5000 monthly fee. O-Level students have to pay at least 15000 rupees monthly for home tuition. Its just an example of tuition fee. Examination and monthly fee of O-Level is also much more than matriculation.

5-O level examinations are held twice in a year i.e May/June session and October/ November session. Matriculation examination are held once a year i.e in March/April. Matriculation students can also appear in supplementary exams for improving their marks.

6-O-Level syllabus more is conceptual based than matriculation, which can clear your all basic concepts.

7-Grading system of O-Level is also much better than simple Matric. It is as per the international standard of grading. Matriculation deals with numbers rather than grades which is an outdated grading system in the modern world.

8-Testing method of O-Level and matriculation is also differs with each other. In O-Level your basic concepts are tested in exams, while matriculation exams are just the test of your memory power.

9-The ninth main distinction between the Matriculation and O-Level education framework is that the quality of O-Level instruction is considered much superior than local Matric instruction framework due to its international standard.

10-Last but not least science students in Pakistan who can not afford to study abroad should go for matriculation as it will save them from many complications in future.,

In my personal opinion as Principal of a school and academy, Its a misconception that O-Level is a better and superior option for students after 8th class. Its just a status symbol and sign of our national inferiority complex. Very big majority our doctors and engineers studied in local Matric system. We have published a detailed article in Urdu too on differences between O-Level & Matric in Pakistan. You must read this article for further guidance. Stay in touch with the best educational website of Pakistan and its facebook page i.e for reading best articles on career counseling.