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Top Ten FAQs About ISSB Test

Top Ten FAQs About ISSB Test For Army 
If you are about to appear for ISSB test then you must have frequently asked questions in your mind. Here top 10 FAQs regarding ISSB test will be shared and their answers will also be given to you:

Question Number 1
How many number of candidates are usually selected from single group of I.S.S.B?
There is no certain amount of limitation given by ISSB. There are no strict figures that this much number of candidates will be selected from single group of I.S.S.B. If all candidates will meet with eligibility criteria and scorecard then all of them will be selected.

Question Number 2
What if a student gets sick during ISSB Test Schedule?
In that case, candidate will be taken to clinical centre. If any candidate will have an acute illness or any acute kind of injury then he will be shifted to Combined Military Hospital. If a candidate will miss his whole test because of injury then he will be counted as “Withdrawn”. If any candidate will be missing his GTO’s evaluation or his section of interview then he will be considered as “Not Totally Boarded”.

Question Number 3
What is the effect of any previous training on a candidate?
Note that ISSB discourage all those applicants who experience training or any kind of coaching before their I.S.S.B training. According to experts, this previous coaching interrupt spontaneity and active nature of a candidate.

Question Number 4
What is the difference between assessment procedures to get hired in different services of ISSB?
There is no difference between the assessment procedures to get hired in different services of I.S.S.B. All of them are identical. All departments of ISSB requires written test, medical test, interview and psychological test.

ISSB Test For Army

Top Ten FAQs About ISSB Test

Question Number 5:
Can a candidate appear for two ISSB departments at the same time?
It is not possible though! It is not possible to apply in two I.S.S.B departments at the same time. Candidates should have taken the gap of 120 days if they want to apply simultaneously. Moreover, candidates should not have missed their 2 opportunities regarding their appearance in ISSB test.

Question Number 6
What concessions are given to female applicants?
Female applicants will be analyzed and assessed in two measurements and they are psychologist assessment and GTO Tasks.

Question Number 7
If any candidate gets recommended and suggested from ISSB, should he consider his selection as final?
Candidate should not consider his selection as final. I.S.S.B will only be recommending his name and final merit list will be made by concerned services.

Question Number 8
How valid is ISSB recommendation for any candidate?
If any candidate is recommended by I.S.S.B and his name does not come on final merit list then he will be appearing again for I.S.S.B test.

Question Number 9
Can test date be delayed if any candidate fails to appear on test day?
You should be informing about your schedule to concerned department of I.S.S.B beforehand. You should tell them that your evaluation dates are coinciding right with another examination of yours. Do send them a copy of your exam schedule.

Question Number 10
What should a candidate do if his name appeared on website but he failed to get a call letter?
If a candidate name appears on website of ISSB then he can have print out of it. It does not matter that you have not got call letter from ISSB authorities. Concerned team of ISSB will accept your print out. You should also be maintaining the possession and record of your additional educational degrees if you qualify for further evaluations.

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