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Top Ten Hair Care Tips in Urdu & English

Top 10 Hair Care Tips in English & Urdu Languages
Today we are going to share some top hair care tips with you in Urdu and English languages. These super tips will help you a lot in future. You may also consult our experts for individual guidance. Our team is at your disposal round the clock. Now read the top ten super tips for hair care.

1-First of all you must not be afraid about your falling hair as our fear takes us near to that thing of which we are afraid.

2-Tension is the biggest cause of all hair related problems, so try to avoid stress.

3-Excessive use of Vitamin A is also harmful for your hair.

4-Lack of necessary vitamins in our daily diet is also a big cause of all hair related problems, so you must take balanced diet for making your hair black and strong. Take regional seasonal vegetables and fruits for getting all necessary vitamins and minerals.

5-Emotional shock is extremely harmful for the health of your hair. You must have realistic approach in life. No one will remain with you for ever.Life has different stages and we need to accept this reality. Never allow any emotional loss to overcome your senses.

6-Deficiency of iron and blood is also harmful for healthy hair. You must avoid anemia by taking balanced diet, food/vitamin supplement.

7-Over dieting and dramatic loss of weight can also destroy the health of your hair.

8-Lack of vitamin B is also harmful for you. Try to increase the ratio of fish, meat. vegetables, fruits and carbohydrates in your diet.

9-Some stress reviler and blood pressure medicines have also very side affects. Consult your doctor for prescription of alternative medicines.

10-Lot of hair styles and treatments may also destroy your beauty. Avoid such practices. Last but not least use self hypnotism and creative visualization techniques for solution of your all hair care related problems.
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Top Ten Hair Care Tips in Urdu & English

Top Ten Hair Care Tips in Urdu & English