Top Ten Interesting Facts About Alexander The Great (Urdu-English)

Top 10 Hidden General Knowledge Based Facts About Alexandra The Great English &Urdu
Alexander the Great was born in the place of Pella, Macedonia on 20th July 356 BC. He was born in the house of King Philip II of the Macedon & Queen Olympia. He ran his army for almost 15 years and during this whole time period he went on to witness so many undefeated battles in which he and his army faced so many victories as well. He died at a very young age and become one of those rulers who conquered the world at a very young age.

You might have studied about Alexander the Great in your history subject at the school time. But there are a few interesting and unknown Alexandra the Great facts which you might do not know about. So let’s check out the 7 hidden facts about Alexander the Great:


Fact No 1: Aristotle
Before stepping into the battleground, being the teenager, Alexander spent the maximum time of his life under the training of Aristotle. His father had set-up some tutoring sessions for Alexander through Aristotle. But an interesting fact is that after 20 years later, Aristotle was the major suspect in Alexander’s murder.


Fact No 2: Biggest Fan of Diogenes
He once unveiled that he is one of the biggest fans of Diogenes. He even added that if he was not Alexander, he might have thought about being a Diogenes.


Fact No 3: Hercules & Hydra
The title of “Alexander the Great” completely highlights who was Alexander and what he was actually. But according to Alexander he had faith in a fact that he was actually descended by the side of the heroes Hercules as well as Achilles and eventually suffered from the delusions of the grandeur. His mother even claimed the fact that he was actually a direct descendant of the Zeus who is believed to be the major trigger.


Fact No 3: Library of The Alexandria
Alexandra was a talented conqueror and he was completely aware of this reality. He had established 70 different cities around the ancient world which were all named after Alexandria. A few of the famous cities among them are Alexandria which is on the Nile. Alexander was so much fond of his horse named Bucephalus that he even named a specific city after his name.


Fact No 4: The Gordian Knot
In order to secure the chariot, Gordius or Gordium made the use of a knot. This knot is namely known out to be the complex based knots during the ancient world. Legends challenged that any ruler who untied this knot will be the greatest and biggest rulers the world had ever seen. Alexander the Great tried his best to untie it by making an effort almost 23 times.


Fact No 5: Not Losing a Single Battle
It is quite surprising to note that Alexander the Great has never faced a single defeat in any of his ruling lifetime battles. The way he used military tactics is still taught in different military schools all over the world. At the age of almost 18, he encountered the first win in his first battle.


Fact No 6: Siege of The Tyre
The Siege of the Tyre is the biggest example of the fact that Alexander was not only a conqueror and ruthless warrior, but eventually, he was also a talented strategist expert as well. The type was basically a city that was built on a piece of the island. Besides throwing all his army and himself in the battle of the sea, he created a plan to build a complete causeway through the entire sea which will be leading straight away to island from any sort of rocks as well as rubble.


Fact No 7: Mysteriously Death
Our last fact is about the death of this great leader which has always remained a mystery. At the age of 32, he died and still no one actually knows that who killed him. He was so much fond of drinking wine all the time and it was unveiled that he died due to overdose of wine in his body.


Fact No 8: Nick Names of Alexander the Great
Shahanshah of Persia, Lord of Asia, Pharaoh of Egypt, Hegemon of the Hellenic League and
Basileus of Macedon were some nick names of Alexander the Great.


Fact No 9:Alexander the Great Could Not Conquer India
Alexander the Great wanted to conquer the whole world but he could not conquer India due to mutiny in his army. Malaria spread in his army and soldiers were also tired, so they revolted. The hardest battle of Alexader the Great was against King Porus of Punjab which was fought on bank of river Jhelum on 326 BC.


Fact No 10:Civil War After Death of Alexander the Great
Civil war spread in the empire of Alexander the Great after his death. It divided into 3 parts i.e Egypt, Asia and Macedonia. Seleucids became the ruler of his Asian territories. The Antigonids became the ruler of Macedonia and Ptolemies became the Pharaoh of Egypt. Now read GK about Alexander the Great in Urdu language.


Top Ten Interesting Facts About Alexander The Great (Urdu-English)


Top Ten Interesting Facts About Alexander The Great (Urdu-English)


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