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Top Ten Laptop Security & Protection Tips in Urdu & English 

Top 10 Laptop Security & Protection Tips in English & Urdu Language
Laptops have replaced the desktop computers in 21st century. Now majority of computer users have their own laptops. About 90% college students are using laptops.Laptops have become an essential part of our every day life. An ordinary laptop uses at least 20% less electricity than a PC. Today we are going to share top ten laptop security & protection tips in Urdu and English language with our visitors.

Best Top Ten Laptop Security Super Tips  

1-Always put your laptop on a hard and plain surface. Majority of us use their laptops on our beds. It closes the flow of air from your machine. It is also very harmful for human health to use the laptop while keeping it on legs.

2-Hard disk of laptops takes few seconds to shut down so always wait until the completion of shut down process before putting your laptop in the bag.

3-Never keep your laptop on charging always. It will destroy the battery of your machine. After full charging use the machine till the end of charging. Now give the rest of 4 to 5 hours to your machine and recharge it again. This practice will keep your battery healthy.

4-Service of your machine is also mandatory after each quarter. You may use cotton or blower for cleaning your machine.

5-Do shut down your computer as hibernate option may decrease the life of your computer.

6 Use the free desktop gadgets for monitoring the performance of your machine.

7-Always protect your laptop during traveling.

8-Always use a password on your windows. Remember that almost every 50 second a laptop is theft in the world.

9-Use external devices for getting a back up of your laptop. Its an very important point for professionals.

10- Last bit not least use anti virus for protecting your all kinds of computers.
You may read the laptop security and protection tips in Urdu below this post. Visit your own website and its facebook page for guidance about laptop security.

Top Ten Laptop Security & Protection Tips in Urdu & English

Top Ten Laptop Security & Protection Tips in Urdu & English