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Top Ten Memory Booster Tips in Urdu & English

How To Improve Memory? Top Ten Memory Booster Techniques 
Today we shall guide you about how to improve memory. You can read some great top ten memory booster tips in Urdu language on this page. These tips have been taken from book of Dr Asif Mehmood Jah. Every one of you must read his book “Dawa Ghiza Aur Shifa” as it contain many easy and useful tips for treatment of all kinds of diseases.

He has written a great article on how to improve memory in his above mentioned book, which you can read below. We have also written an article in English on how to improve memory. You must also read this article too for more guidance about memory booster techniques. Here we want to share top ten super memory booster techniques in English with our visitors.

1-You need to have firm believe in your self worth. A confident person has also great memory power.

2-You should play brain games rather than ordinary video games.

3-It has been noticed by psychologists that don’t forget the thing which we write with full concentration or which we teach others. Share your knowledge with others as its reaction will be very useful for you.

4-Almost all dry fruits are memory boosters,

5-Remember that seasonal fruits and vegetables have solutions of your all health related problems so try to eat all seasonal fruits and vegetables of your region only. Nothing is unplanned in the world. Almighty Allah is the only master mind in the world. He has created the regional seasonal foods for the solution of all health care related issues of the people of that specific region.

6-You must give regular daily self suggestions to your subconscious mind that your memory is boosting day by day. You must give this self suggestion to your subconscious mind at least for 10 minutes in day.

7-Daily visualize that in calm atmosphere that you are performing well in exams. Take this exercise also at least for 10 minutes in day.

8-Take balanced diet and say your prayers regularly with full devotion. Spend maximum time in each and every part of prayer specially in sajdah.

9-Use SQ3R, 3C-R and link methods for remembering important things.

10-Take part in quiz competitions in your college or university.

Last but not least visit and its social pages for guidance about how to improve memory. Now read the top tern memory booster tips in Urdu below this post by Dr Asif Mehmood Jah.

Top Ten Memory Booster Tips in Urdu & English

Top Ten Memory Booster Tips in Urdu & English