Top Ten Photography Tips & Techniques For Selfie Lovers

Top Ten Photography Tips For Taking Great Selfie  
Selfie clicking has become an art just like photography and you need to master this art for taking best selfies. Now a days modern ipads have make it very easier to take good selfies but if you want to look gorgeous and different then you must take some steps before taking selfies. In this article we shall discuss top ten photography tips and techniques for selfie clicking. First of all chose a angle from which you want to take a selfie. Mirror is the best tool for this purpose. You can also use glam screen for this purpose. Glam screen is just like a protector which you can paste on your iphone. Once you have selected the angles for taking selfies then take self photos and chose the best one.

Lighting is a very important element so use good light for better result. Natural light should be your first choice.

Smiling face always looks nice, so don’t try to look serious.

Chose best possible background.

Do some thing different or unique for making the selfie interesting and worth-seeing.

Take many selfies at a time with different angles and post the best one.

Use some software for writing the title of selfie. Title of your each selfie should be different unique. It will attract your targeted audience. Never use generic titles. Even for group selfies you must chose a different title. It will help you in winning facebook likes.

Drone camera parrot can give you a long distance preview of selfie. A french company has invented a drone camera for this purpose.

Take the consent of your friends before uploading your photo on instagram, facebook or any other social website.
Chose the best photo and never upload a low quality photo.


Top Ten Photography Tips & Techniques For Selfie Lovers

Light makeup can make your face photogenic.

Never upload any selfie on a matrimonial site before getting its feed back from social media site from your friends because we human beings love ourselves and can not categorize our photos ourselves. So trust on the choice of your friends.

If you want to upload your selfie on any social media site then use the latest smart phone . If you do not have it, borrow it from from your friend.

We have written a detailed article on top 10 selfie tips and & tricks 2015. Do read this article too.

Never become a selfie addict as it can destroy your personality as now psychologists have agreed that craze for selfies is a symptom of mental disorder and inferiority complex. Never upload more than three selfies on social media sites daily.

Important Note For Youth 
Last but not least try to conquer the world with your thoughts and deeds rather then with selfies, Outer beauty has very limited age but inner beauty can make your existing and hereafter life beautiful. Its our message advice for all our visitors. Just take the example of your family, do you like your, father, mother, brother, sister, son or daughter just because of their physical beauty. If your answer is no then remember that if somebody loves you for your physical beauty, its not a n ever lasting love. Make your inner self more attractive than your appearance. I know that youth will not agree with me but i can bet with you that soon you will realize the realities of the real life, Please come out of the fantasy world. Its not the real one. In real life your virtues matter more than your outer beauty. I have used the key word of selfie just to draw your attention towards most important realities of life.We have been created in this world to help others. Try to become so great that the world will like to share your images.



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