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Top Ten Presentation Tips in Urdu & English

Self Help-Learn Presentation Skills-Top Ten Tips 
It is very important in modern days that one must have good presentation skills. This presentation skills help you to gain confidence in your educational and professional career. Majority of educational institutes have included presentation session in their examination system. Students have to get good marks in these presentations. Now audio video aids like projectors and computers are also used for preparation of different kinds of presentations. Remember that now a days in almost all private, semi government and government departments officials have to give presentations to seniors and their clients.

Good presentation skills may also help you in earning money online via making and uploading videos on video sharing websites like, and Today we are going to share top ten self help presentation tips in Urdu with you. These self help tips will help you in becoming a good presenter. Lawyers, students, job seekers, journalists, sales men and front desk officers, publish relations officers must master this art of presenting the collected data in best possible manner.

Top Ten Self Help Presentation Tips in English
1-You need to be expert of MS office. Recommended time is 20 minutes, recommended slides are 10 and minimum recommended font size is 30.

2-You should have confidence to express yourself in convincing style. Your start and should leave good impression on audience.

3-You must have good verbal communication skills. Use your voice smartly. Smile on face and direct eye contact with audience will help you in impressing the people.

4-You should have good ascent, vocabulary and grammatical skills.

5-Before the practical session, do the practice for maximum time.

6-Make your video with your smart phone and analyze your mistakes for correcting them.

7-You must have back up of your presentation in USB or your laptop. Show your focus and engage the audience effectively with stories and your general knowledge.

8-Use your body language and pasture intelligently while delivering the presentation.

9-Express your key points in simple language and concentrate on your key message. Avoid use of dark colors and animations.

10-Avoid using too many slides and complex technical terminology. Your focus should be on public rather than on screen.
Last but least prepare yourself for the question answer session after the end of presentation session. You should be able to answer all related questions. Now read the top ten self help presentation tips in Urdu language given in the newspaper cutting given on this page. Don’t forget to visit and like our facebook page and group.

Top Ten Presentation Tips in Urdu & English


Top Ten Presentation Tips in Urdu & English