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Top Ten Selfie Tips & Tricks 2023

Selfie has become the one of the most used words in the world. Specially youth and social media addicts take and upload self photos daily on facbook, twitter, Google plus and instagram. Even world dignitaries like President Obama, Pope Francis and Indian Prime Minister Narindra Moodi have joined the selfie lovers club. Scientists and companies are also trying to cash this trend and inventing many devices. In this post we shall discuss top ten tips and ticks for taking great selfies in year 2023.


Smart Mirror
An American company has invented a smart mirror for taking selfies. This mirror will only catch the photo of a person who will smile before it.


Selfie Brush
Now you can take selfies at the time after brushing your hair. A hair brush has been invented for this purpose You can fix your smart phone in its back.


Selfie Hat
A company of Taiwan has introduced a hat with a hanging tablet for taking selfies from different angles. You may also surf while wearing this hat.


Selfie Toaster
Now you can paste your images on bread slices. A toaster has been invented which can print your images on bread slices.


Selfie Ring
Its not a camera but a mobile phone holders through which you can take your images from different difficult angles.


Remote Control
You can take selfies from a distance through this remote control without touching your iPhone. This device also work with insta gram application.


Sony Perfume Camera
Sony’s new cyber shot camera is just like a perfume bottle. It has been designed for selfie lovers. Its 19.2 mega pixels camera with 3.3 inches LED display and lens which can revolve on 180 degrees. Sony has used most modern sensor technology in it. Self timer, slide shutter with touch technology, sharing and smart phone control functions make it a unique camera of its type.


Glam Screen
With the help of glam screen you can make it sure that your looking gorgeous before taking photo. American reality show star Jonathan has prepared this unique device which has become very popular among youth. Basically its a protector which tells you that how you are looking. It will cover your handset’s screen just like protector. This device can be used just with i phone.


Lolly Pod
This tripod head can bear weight of up to 420 grams. It means you can easily fit your phone on it and can adjust it for taking selfies. This stand is not just for professional photographers, a layman or immature photographer may also use it.


Selfie Header
This device has not been made for selfie clicking but it is also helpful for taking hands free selfie. Its adjustable bands can be used with many domestic appliances. You may fit your handset in these bands for taking self photos.


Selfie Drone (Parrot)
A French company has invented a flying camera for taking selfies. This drone will make videos too. Its size is very small and result of camera is also very good.


You can read the details in Urdu in the newspaper cuttings below this post. Do not become addict of selfies as its a symptom of inferiority complex. Visit daily for latest tech news alerts. Happy new year to all of you.


Top Ten Selfie Tips & Tricks 2023

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