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Top Ten Tips For Better Eyesight in English & Urdu

Top 10 Super Tips in Urdu & English Languages For Healthy Eyes
Healthy eyes are one of the best blessings of Almighty Allah. Today we are going to share top ten eye care tips for healthy eyes in Urdu and English with you . Its a wrong perception that weak vision can not be improved. There are several useful diets and exercises which can help you in improving your eyesight. As per latest NLP system your believe in the chances of your cure plays an important role in the improvement of your eyesight or any other medical problem, so you must not be disappointed or have negative approach towards the improvement of your eyesight. We have also written a detailed article on “How To Improve Eyesight Without Glasses? New Research & Tips“. You must read this eye care tips article too for further guidance about better eyesight.

Top Ten Eye Care Tips Along With Diet Plan For Better Eyesight
1-Carrot and oranges have special type of vitamin A i.e beta-carotene which is very useful for keeping your eyes healthy.

2-Salmon fist contains omega 3 fatty acid which is also useful for eyes. It is also found in olive
oil, apricot and walnut, so try to increase these food items in your daily diet plan for having healthy eyes.

3-Green tee is also useful for the improvement of eyesight. It reduces the chances of cataract.

4-Blueberries are best anti oxidants which save our body from all kinds of germs and bacterias. Blueberries can save you from all kinds of eye diseases including cataract and glaucoma.

5-Apricot contains vitamin D and and vitamin B-17 which are also very useful for healthy eyesight.

6-Say no to smoking, drinking and drugs of all kinds

7-Use sun glasses in hot summer season. Remember that depression is the cause of more than 90% diseases including weak eyesight.

8-Never look towards the computer screen for more than 20 minutes. After each 20 minutes work on on computer see a distant object for few moments.

9-Wudu (Ablution) is the best exercise for healthy eyes. Try it and see the difference.

10-Avoid using oily and spicy foods. Last but not least take regional seasonal vegetables and fruits.
Diet plan for better eyesight given on this page has been taken from daily dunya. Visit and its facebook page daily for reading latest eye care tips. Our medical team is also on your disposal to reply your quires about eye care tips.

Top Ten Tips For Better Eyesight in English & Urdu

Top Ten Tips For Better Eyesight in English & Urdu


Top Ten Tips For Better Eyesight in English & Urdu