Types of CCTV Cameras, Their Purposes & Prices (Urdu-English)

Various Types of CCTV Cameras in Pakistan and Their Purposes/Prices-Guide in Urdu & English Languages
One of the main purposes of CCTV camera is associated with the protection of security of your house. Do you know what CCTV system is all about? Security plays an important role in almost every aspect of human life no matter whether it is about the personal house or the office organization. As the technology has been advancing, there has been a huge development that has been encountered in the coverage of the CCTV camera usage. There are so many houses on the residential level who consider the use of CCTV cameras to be important for their security and protection. Right here we will be exploring some of the most common types of CCTV cameras and their main purpose:


Dome Camera
Dome Cameras have been named after the way they have been shaped out which is best to be used for the indoor purposes. The overall shaping of the camera makes it look completely different from others because you cannot imagine as where the camera has been actually looking. You will be finding their high use in the retail spaces as well. They are normally installed on top of the ceiling areas. They are adjusted with the infrared illuminators through which they can also work in low light conditions.


Day/Night CCTV Camera
The best thing about these cameras is that they are best to be used in the poorly lit as well as in standardized environment as well. You can make the best use of it in the outdoor areas. They have a dynamic range and hence they are superior when it comes to work under the direct sunlight or some reflections. In addition you won’t require any sort of infrared illuminator just for the reason that they are already available with the extra sensitive imagining chip which is quite probably used in the dark time.


Bullet Camera
Bullet Cameras are designed in a shape in which they are introduced in the tapered or the long cylinder shaping. It has the design which is quite similar to the over sized ammo cartridge. You can make the best use of it in the outdoor areas for some long viewing purposes such as parking areas or in ground. They are installed right into the protective casings and they are much weatherproof. In addition they are also fitted with some fixed or even varifocal lens.


C-Mount Camera
C-Mount CCTV Camera makes the use of some detachable lenses to they can be used for different purposes. They can easily record for around 35 feet. But they also make you offer with the varifocal lens which is to be used for the purpose of fine-tune focal based distance as well as angle of view.


Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Camera
It would be so much possible in order to pan as well as tilt or even zoom up the PTZ cameras. It will be giving away best surveillance operator with which you can pan, tilt as well as zoom up your lens. In this way you can perform the whole controlling of the camera in order to view the things accurately. Prices of CCTV cameras in Pakistan are between 10000 to 30000 rupees. Price depends upon the features and current dollar rate. Read everything about different types of CCTV cameras in Urdu language.


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Types of CCTV Cameras, Their Purposes & Prices (Urdu-English)



Types of CCTV Cameras, Their Purposes & Prices (Urdu-English)

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