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Ufone Internet Packages 2024 With Prices & Activation Codes

Prepaid & Postpaid Ufone Internet Packages 2024 With Prices & Subscription Codes For 3G & 4G Customers

If you are looking for best prepaid or postpaid internet packages 2024? If so, then view the details of Ufone internet packages 2024 given on this page of its inception in 2001, Ufone has been delivering quality & reliable cellular network & internet services to millions of customers throughout Pakistan. Now, Ufone has taken an essential step & introduced several competitive internet packages in the new year 2023 to cater to the needs of its both prepaid & postpaid customers.


Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone Internet Packages 2024 With Prices & Activation Codes


Ufone is one of the renowned telecom companies in Pakistan which is providing world-class telecommunications services to millions of customers across the country. The company has always provided customers with customized phone plans to meet growing customer needs. Fulfill your internet needs with Ufone Internet Package 2024. This company is the part of PTCL family which was the first & public sector telecommunication company of the Pakistan. Ufone’s internet packages have various subscription periods from programs suitable for one day to packages that are valid for a whole month. So, regardless of your budget, Ufone has the perfect internet package for you.



Ufone offers the most comprehensive prepaid & postpaid internet packages for 2023. On the prepaid side, both short-term & long-term net packages have been put forward to maximize the users’ benefits. The prepaid bundles include daily, weekly & monthly packages. Ufone also offers the most affordable postpaid internet packages. With the help of their corporate postpaid bundle, one can get big net data for use. If you are looking for faster and reliable internet connection, Ufone also has that option. The 4G internet packages offer higher speeds & come with affordable price tags.



Prepaid Ufone Internet Packages 2024 For 3G & 4G Users

First we shall discuss the Ufone internet packages for prepaid customers in detail. Lets start;



Ufone Daily Internet Packages 2024


Best Morning Package

2 GB Data from 9AM to 12PM, Subscription Code #4200*, Price Rs. 8 (Incl tax).



Daily Off Peak Plus Bundle

1.5GB Internet Data from 9 AM to 6 PM, Validity 1 Day, Activation Code #10*, Price Rs. 20 (With tax).



Mega Internet Bucket

2GB Data from 12AM to 12PM for 24 hours, Subscription Code #550*, Price PKR. 22 (Incl tax).



Daily Light Offer

40MB Data for Whatsapp, FB, Twitter, Youtube etc, Activation Code #2256*, Price 16.52 Rupees.



Daily Whatsapp Offer

500MB Internet Data for 24 hours, Subscription Code #987*, Daily Price Rs. 5 (Incl tax).



SnapChat Offer

100MB Net Data Daily, Activation Code #7627*, Price-100% Free..



Daily Shoq Offer

Get 1GB Internet 1GB (Free SHOQ subscription) for 1 day in 30 rupees.



Unlimited Instagram Offer

Get 500MB Net for one day by dialing *9898# in the load of 5 rupees.



Daily FreeFire Package

Get 750 MB (250 MB Data + 500 MB) by dialing *8080# in PKR 12 for 24 hours.



Daily PUBGM Bucket

You will be given 750 MB (250MB Data + 500MB) net for 12 rupees by dialing *8080#.



Ufone Weekly Internet Packages 2024

Sab Sai Bari Plus Offer

40GB 4G Data, Ufone to PTCL free minutes-500, Off Net Minutes 200, SMS 5000, Validity 1 Week, Price Rs. 399 Load.



SAB Sai Bari Offer

40GB Net Data, Ufone to Landline minutes 5000, Validity 7 Days, Subscription Code #7777*, Price PKR 375 Load.



Upower Internet Bundle

16GB internet Data includes 8GB from 2AM to 2PM, Validity 1 Week, Activation Code #270*, Price Load of 250 Rupees.



Weekly Internet Plus Bucket

10GB Fast Data including 5GB Internet Data fom 1AM to 9PM, Dial #260* to Subscribe, Requied Monthly Load PKR 299.



Super Internet Package

1.5GB Net Data, Subscription Code #220*, Needed Monthly Load of Rs. 160.



Youtube Offer

5GB Internet Data for Youtube Usage, Activation Code #5883*, Price 150 Rupees (Load).



Internet Max Offer

25GB Net Data (1AM to 9AM), Validity one Week, Subscription Code #2570*, Price PKR 135 (Load).



Ufone Tiktok Offer

4GB Data for Tiktok, Activation Code #2345*, Price Load of PKR 80.



Weekly SnackVideo Offer

4GB Internet Data for, Subscription Code is #265*, Weekly Price 70 Rupees.


Weekly Shoq Offer

Net: 3.5GB (Free SHOQ subscription) in load of Rs. 200.



Weekly Digital Bundle

Get 60GB Internet, 7000 Ufone and PTCL minutes, 600 OffNet minutes and 7000 SMS by dialing *7777# in 430 rupees.


Weekly Max Bucket

Weekly Max offer is given in 350 rupees per week and you will get 20GB net, 5000 PTCL & Ufone mins and 100 Off Net mins.


Sab Se Bari Plus Package

This offer will provide you 40 GB net, 50000 Ufone & PTCL mins 350 Off Net mins, 5000 SMS for whole 7 days in 399 PKR. For SHOQ subscription dial *976#.



Weekly Video Bucket

This offer comes with 6GB Internet (Youtube, Tiktok and Snack Video), 200 Ufone and PTCL minutes, 200 SMS and 25 off net minutes in the load of 180 rupees. Dial *4383# to subscribe the offer.



Weekly Free Fire Bundle

This package comes in load of Rs.60. It provides 5GB (1GB Data + 4GB) net by dialing *8080#.


Weekly PUBGM Offer

This offer will also remain for 7 days. It will give you Internet of 5 GB (1GB Data + 4GB) by dialing *8080# in load of 60 rupees.



Weekly Social Package

Price of this package is 150 rupees. It comes with 6 GB Internet for social networks, 200 PTCL and U fone minutes, 25 other networks mins and 200 messages by dialing *6660#.



Ufone Monthly Internet Packages 2024


Monthly Heavy Internet Bundle

30GB Net Data including 15GB from 1 AM to 9 AM, Validity 30 Days, Subscription Code #310*, Price Rs. 800 (Load).



Super Internet Plus Bucket

18GB Data including 9GB from 1 AM to 9 AM, Validity One Month, Activation Code #290*, Monthly Price PKR 599.



Monthly Whatsapp Offer

6GB Net Data for usage, Validity 1 Month, Subscription Code #987*, Load Needed 99 Rupees.



Social Hero Package

12GB Internet Data for, & users, 300 on net mins, 50 off net mins and 300 SMS, Validity 30 Days, Activation Code #4440*, Price 329 Rupees (Inclusive Tax).



Monthly Offer

6GB Data including for Facebook, 150 On-Net minutes, 150 SMS and 20 other network mins, Subscription Method #987*, Required Load of Rs. 180.



Social Champion Offer

6GB Internet Data for FB & Whatsapp, Ufone & PTCL Mins 150, Off Net Minutes 20, SMS Messages 150, Validity Thirty Days, Price PKR 180. Dail *1818# to subscribe it.



Monthly FreeFire Bundle

10GB Net Data for playing FreeFire game, Validity 30 Days, Price 100 Rupees.



Monthly PUBG Package

10GB Data for Playing PUBG game, Validity 1 Whole Month, Price PKR 100.


Social Plus Offer

Get 15GB for social networks, 500 on-net mins, 100 off net mins, 500 SMS, Dial: *6373# Rs. 349 (Load)


Monthly Snapchat Offer

6GB monthly data for social networks in PKR 50 by dialing *9694#.



Here below we have given the prepaid Ufone internet packages 2024 in image format;


Ufone Prepaid Internet Packages 2024


Ufone Internet Packages 2024 For Postpaid Customers

Ufone is also offering various postpaid internet bundles 2024 for its users. Here is the detail;

PrimePlay 825 Bundle

In this bundle you will be provided 13GB net in Rs. 825 on dialing code *989*.



PrimePlay 550 Package

In this offer you will get 8GB data in 550 rupees on dialing subscription code *656*.



PrimePlay 275 Offer

In this package you will avail 4GB of net data in PKR 275 on dialing activation code *434*.



PrimePlay 120 Bucket

Through this bucket you will be given 1.5GB Internet data in Rs. 120 on dialing easy code of *323*. You may also watch the details of postpaid Ufone internet packages 2024 in image form below this post.



Ufone Postpaid Internet Packages 2024

Final Words

Ufone is the best choice for internet users looking for truly pocket-friendly & excellent services. So, whether you are a prepaid or postpaid user, Ufone has the perfect internet packages for both. Hurry up and visit a Sales & Service Center or download the MyUfone app to enjoy these amazing packages.



Ufone internet packages for 2024 brings you the latest & quality in an effort to make sure all its customers are satisfied. Every package is specially designed to suit your needs, so explore them and get the most out of your Ufone online experience!