Ufone SMS Packages 2022 Daily, Night, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly

Good news for SMS lovers that Ufone SMS packages 2022 have been announced. We have uploaded all the bundles on our website. Ufone customers can now view all the prepaid SMS packages on this page. Rates of all prepaid packages with subscription details, number of free SMS and validity period are also available. Ufone offers many daily,night, weekly, fortnightly, monthly 45 days and yearly SMS packages. You can views all these buckets in an image given below on this page. No other mobile service provider company is offering such variety of buckets and rates. These buckets can fulfill the requirements of all age groups. Even telemarketers can use these buckets for commercial purposes.  Now you can chose the Ufone SMS Package as per your need. Rates of Ufone SMS packages 2022 are also very nominal. Internationals and premium messages are not included in packages.



If you want to check the remaining free SMS or the expiry date of your Ufone SMS package, then send a blank message to 606. If you want to unsubscribe any package, then just write “Unsub” in message and send it to 506(for monthly package to 8066). Daily package will remain valid for 24 hours. You can subscribe only one daily package per day. Now Ufone has introduced the feature of automatic re-subscription even for daily buckets.GST and FED will be charged on all Ufone SMS packages. you easily subscribe any package by dialing 100.



Subscription through message is also very easy. Just write message “Sub” and send it to subscription code of your favorite bucket. For example if you want to subscribe daily bucket then write “sub” in message and send it to 605 which the subscription code for the daily package. Ufone prepaid 3g/postpaid 3g/internet packages and contact details are also available on your favorite website. Last but not least now youcan buy just five SIMS  on one CNIC after biometric verification. So for avoiding any inconvenience visit your nearest franchise for biometric verification. Visit us and our facebook page daily for latest updates about Ufone SMS packages 2022.

Note-Due to medium size of the image if you can not read it clearly then kindly click on it for viewing it in large size.

Ufone SMS Packages 2022 Daily,Night, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly


UFONE SMS Packages 2022- (Prepaid) 

 UFONE SMS Packages 2022- (Prepaid) 


UFONE SMS Packages 2022 (Postpaid) 

Ufone SMS Packages 2022 (Postpaid)



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