UHS Lahore MDCAT Entry Test 2021 Guide For Paper Attempting

University of Health Sciences UHS Lahore MDCAT Entry Test 2021 Guide For MCQs Paper Attempting
If you are done with your MDCAT entry test preparation then it now important for you to check out this guide which is wholly linked to MDCAT entry test. These are the important rules which are issued by the University of health sciences and it is important for all MDCAT entry test applicants to understand these rules. If you are unaware about these rules then there are chances that your marks will get deducted. Mere and only preparing the academic course books is not enough, you need to know the way of filling out the response form and answer sheet as well.



What to Do With The Response Form And Question Paper?
The important question is that what you need to do with the response form and question paper as soon as you are going to receive from the examiner.
So on the response form, write down your roll number details and name details. Read the instructions present on the question paper first page.

On this first page as well, there will be a code written, you have to mention this code on the footer and header side of your question paper.

Count the pages of your MDCAT question paper, there should be 220 questions present on your question paper. If you think that something is wrong with your question paper of questions are missing of misprinted then you can inform to your examiner.



Way of Marking Your MDCAT Entry Test Questions
You can only fill a single circle for the single question. Filling two circles, or cutting the previously filled circle and filling the other circle, these practices will just deduct and reduce your marks.

Your answer and response is only going to be evaluated if you will correctly fill the circles. The scanning machine will consider your answers if they will be properly filled.

Moreover if you will not use blue ball point pen, then no evaluation will be made for your attempted answers.



Scoring Criteria for MDCAT Entrance Test
A score of 5 mark is given to the candidate if he is going to successfully give the answer of that question, minus 1 mark will be given if that candidate is going to give a wrong answer of any question.

In the case of un-attempted answer, no deduction or giving any score will be made

For the part of attempting physics and chemistry numerical based questions, the rough sheet will also be given the question and it is going to be attached with the question paper of yours.

Upon finishing your test and filling out the whole response form, you can detach and separate your response form from the carbonized sheet.

This is the basic guide and basic of all instructions about this UHS Lahore MDCAT entry test, if you have any of the question then ask from this web page team members. All the best for MDCAT test and keep in touch with us.

UHS Lahore MDCAT Entry Test 2021 Guide For Paper Attempting

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