PMC Pakistan Medical Commission Entry Test 2021 Sure Shot Guess Paper

Pakistan Medical Commission PMC  MDCAT Entrance Test 2021 Sure Shot Guess Paper For Getting Admission in MBBS & BDS
PMC Pakistan Medical Commission takes MDCAT (Medical & Dental College Admission Test) for admission in MBBS and BDS in all provinces of Pakistan. Many academies have started their MDCAT preparation classes. These academies are charging heavy fees for these MDCAT preparation classes. Students get admission in these classes just because of one reason i.e guess paper. These academies claim that they provide sure shot guess paper for PMC Pakistan Medical Commission MDCAT entry test. Yes, there claim was true, because these academies had bought some clerks of PMC Pakistan Medical Commission  which were involved in paper leak scandals. Now PMC Pakistan Medical Commission has changed its paper setting and security systems. Now these academies will bluff with you on the basis of their past so-called “excellent” record.



There is no need of joining these gangs of corruption as now you can get nothing from them. We shall guide you in this post that how you can make your own guess paper for PMC Pakistan Medical Commission MCAT entry test.



Guess Paper

PMC Pakistan Medical Commission  MDCAT Entry Test 2021 Sure Shot Guess Paper


1-First of all you should prepare the PMC Pakistan Medical Commission MDCAT Syllabus. Its a sure shot guess paper as no question will come out of this official syllabus.


2-Secondly, clear your basic concepts of all key topics of each chapter. Remember that without conceptual clearance you can never attempt intelligently prepared MCQs. Just conceptual clarity is the key to your success in the PMC MDCAT entry test.


3-Thirdly prepare the past PMC MDCAT papers, remember that each and every paper setter read carefully the past papers before setting his paper. This activity leave an impression on his subconscious mind, and unwillingly he selects the multiple choice questions from the topics of the past papers.


4-My father was also a paper setter and he told me that he always relied on text books. He used to chose questions from the exercise given at the end of each chapter. His logic was very right that text book is written by a board of senior professors and we can not go against their collective wisdom at the time of setting papers.


5-Have you noticed that some important facts are given in a colorful boxes in syllabus books. These are too just like guess paper for you. Understand these facts clearly.


6-Mathematical numericals of Physics and Chemistry are also very important. You must have full command over these numericals.


7-Its a wrong concept that practicals have no any relation with MDCAT entry test. MCQs given at the end of each practical are very important for clearing your concepts. A professional examiner will judge your concepts and understanding not your memorizing power or ability.



8-Test session of MDCAT preparation academies is also a mega fraud. You can do it at home with the help of solved model papers. Solve maximum model paper daily and give yourself marks after seeing their solutions given at the end. 9-Remember that you need teachers just for clearing your concepts. You can contact your college teachers for this purpose. Never pay heavy fees of PMC Pakistan Medical Commission MDCAT entry test preparation academies and prepare your own guess paper. Read our related article “How To Make Your Own Guess Paper” and visit us and our facebook page regularly.


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