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Ultimate Guide on Disadvantages of AI Article Writer Tools

Why You Should Never Use AI Copywriting Tools?
Now a days many websites and writers are using ai article writer tools based on GPT 3 technology. These artificial intelligence tools can create human like content in seconds, that’s why now large number of bloggers are using ai copywriting tools for creating content on all topics. Jasper AI is considered the number one ai content writing tool. There are many other ai writing assistant too like closerscopy, copymatic, frase ai, copy ai, rytr, writesonic, bramework, mentum ai, creative ai, katteb ai etc.


Cons of AI Writing Tools

In this article we are going to share some disadvantages of using ai article writer tools in detail. First of all Google has declared categorically in April 2022, that ai generated content through software like Jasper ai will be considered spam and against the webmasters guidelines. It has also been declared that manual action will be taken against those websites which are using ai writing software for producing the content for their websites. It is also expected that content generated through ai content writer tools will not be indexed in google in near future.

Ultimate Guide on Disadvantages of AI Article Writer Tools

Ultimate Guide on Disadvantages of AI Article Writer Tools

Why AI Article Writer Tools are Not Dependable?

It has also been noticed that some webmasters are claiming that Google can not detect the ai generated content so there is no harm in using articles produced by ai writing software. All these webmasters are misguiding us. Its a fact that there are some ai content detector tools are available on internet, which are giving 100% correct result. These tools are free to use for all and give the reliable result in seconds. is one of these tools. If you do not believe me then subscribe the free trial of any ai writing tool and generate content, then check the content on The toll will tell you that your generated content is 99.98% fake (By fake here means ai generated). You will be surprised to see that this tool can detect the ai generated content of almost all ai writing software. Now write an article in your own words and check it on the same tool, you will be again surprised to know that now the tool will show that content is 99.99% real (By real i mean human written).



Important Note For Website Admins

Now it is quite clear that ai written content through GPT 3 technology is easily detectable, so there is no long term benefit of using these ai writing tools. Google will detect it and penalize your site. If you have hired writers even then from now own wards you should check their outputs both on copyscape and, as now a days majority of freelance writers are using ai content writing software for writing articles. If you will not double check their outputs in, you may become the victim of google’s penalty or manual action.

Why AI Generated Content is Easily Detected?

Now the question arises that why AI generated content is easily detected. Here is the answer of this question.


1. AI generated content often lacks originality

One of the hallmarks of AI-generated content is that it often lacks originality. This is because GPT-3 tools relies on algorithms to produce content, which means that it often produces posts which are very similar to each other.


2. It often contains grammatical errors

AI tools are still not able to understand grammar rules, so their outputs contains grammatical errors.


3. It often sounds robotic

AI out put detector tools can easily recognize the ai generated outputs because they often sounds robotic. The reason is very obvious that it is generated by a machine and it lacks human touch and emotions.


4. It often lacks emotional resonance.


AI-generated outputs also often lacks emotional resonance. This is the result of inability of the machine to understand and replicate the human emotions.


5. AI generated content lacks creativity

AI generated outputs lack creativity as it depends upon the input data. GPT-3 tools can not think and write like human till now.


6. AI produced content is often repetitive

AI tools often repeat the facts and even sentences again and again that’s why such content content does not sound natural and human.


7. The AI produced content often lacks context and does not flow well

Its too a fact that syntax of ai generated content is often poor and it lacks context and does not flow well. This make the AI generated content very difficult to read and even understand.


8. It often contains factual & logical errors

Last but not least, AI-generated content often contains factual errors. This is because artificial intelligence is not yet able to check the facts as a human can. logical errors have also bee noticed in such content.



GPT-4 technology is expected to be released in 2023, some people think that this technology will be able to produce human like content. Its too not a right expectation as technology is evolving on both sides. It is also expected that with the release of GPT-4 technology, GPT-4 output detector tools will also be introduced in the market. So always remain positive. Never kill your inner creativity by using these black hat methods. In short using the ai article writer is not an option for bloggers and webmasters who depends upon google adsense for their income as you can not deceive google. Visit daily as we just publish human written unique and informative articles after deep research without using any ai article writer.