The anathema of unemployment has not only wrecked the Pakistani youth, but has also become a scourge of modern world as well. Although its proportions are immeasurably higher in Pakistan,yet so many other countries of third world have fallen an easy prey to this most malignant phenomena of modern times. According to statistics,the number of unemployment in1988 was 6 million,while then federal minister of finance Dr Mehboob -ul-Haque had stated the same  number a 8 million and now this figure has been doubled.

The country has become under total control of world monetary organizations. These organizations are giving loans to government of Pakistan and hunger, starvation, unemployment and misfortune to the masses of Pakistan.In this country, the highly qualified youth having the degrees of MBBS, B.E, MSC, PHD, LLB, MA, MS and MBA are unemployed. It is said by the sources of government that the country is at the verge of economic disorder but the masses don’t believe in such statements. They say that a country which have lot of resources, where there is an abundance of wealth and latest model of cars and vehicles and five star hotels are full of guests, how can it be said that there is a financial crises in the country.

The government is taking and IMF and World Bank are giving the loans and both are benefited. Bureaucracy and leadership are enjoying and the deal is going on under the cover of service charges and commission. The government is prosperous while the masses are in bad circumstances.The government takes the loans and the masses have to return the same from their pockets. In past, the world monetary institutions used to issue loans and pass the budget while now they have been authorized to issue the black warrants of the masses. The population of present Pakistan (West Pakistan) was about 30 millions in 1947 which became doubled in 1972 and presently it is about 18 crore. The ratio of increase in population is alarmingly very high. If population is increasing, the number of job opportunities is decreasing.

Although there is a ban on government jobs, but through back doors the jobs are being bestowed to the near and dear ones of the ruling party whether it is the government of PML,PPP or PML Q. Government has said that masses should not see towards government for employment but should find out the opportunities in private sector. While the private sector in Pakistan is struggling for its survival. There is no more job opportunities in private sector.

The present employment situation in Pakistan appears to be quite grim and depressing. The unemployed or underemployed force is multiplying by over a million a year. The added pressure on the job opportunities is regularly coming from the enhanced female participation in the labor force. In addition a high rate of urbanization estimated at 5 percent a year, return of labor force from Middle East and USA and demand for better jobs by educated youth is adding to the problems of unemployment in Pakistan.

Unemployment gives birth to frustration, depression and disappointment which lead to looting,plundering and crimes. The recent riots,terrorism,and crimes of smuggling, drug trafficking,bank dacoities have all been begotten by the monster of unemployment.

In order to combat unemployment we must speed up the pace of industrial development. This can be done by improving the law and order situation, protecting local industries, reshaping the education system to produce more specialized and technically qualified man power, introducing self employment schemes (Prime minister’s self employment scheme is a good step towards right direction but its just like peanuts), establishing small industries in rural and under developed areas and by changing the outlook of the youth so that they do not hesitate to accept even a blue -collar job. The responsible quarters must open up their eyes to the gravity of situation and must realize that the future of their own children will not be different from those suffering today on account of joblessness.

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