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Unique Business Ideas & Tips With Zero Investment

Unique Business Ideas & Tips For Unemployed Youth of Pakistan
If you are looking for unique business ideas with zero investment then now you are at the right website. In this article we shall share some unique business ideas with our reader for which you do not need to invest. Selling different service, online businesses and broking are the top three unique business ideas for which you do not need to invest any money. But first of all you need to start think out of the box. Human mind is strange creation of Almighty Allah, when you assign it a task it starts working on it immediately.

Your subconscious mind knows about your strengths and weaknesses. When you will order it to think about unique business ideas as per your God gifted talent and capabilities, it will start working on it like a super computer and remember that human brain works better then any latest super computer. I will suggest you unique business ideas as per your capacity within couple of days, but you should have believe on this ability of your subconscious mind. You may sell many different types of services. Think about is seriously that what extra ordinary ability you possess which majority of other people lack.

I know many people personally  who are earning lot of money just by using their mobile phone, computer, drawing room or office of any friend. It all depends upon your creativity and out of the box thinking ability. When i left gazetted government job due to some family crises, i was very worried what to do next. I gave this question to my subconscious mind, within a two or three days, i got an answer that i should learn blogging as i can write on different topics. I learnt WordPress and SEO in one month and launched many websites. Just in one year my company has become one of the best IT companies of Pakistan.


Unique Business Ideas & Tips With Zero Investment

One of my friend start a coaching center in his drawing room and now he is owner of 3 schools. Many of my unemployed students are earning money by selling many services from home. Rana Adnan advocate is my genius student, who is using his office as a coaching center, online business, property dealing and legal office too. He is also providing home tuition service to students. One of my female Homoeo doctor student is using her drawing room as tuition center, beauty parlor, homoeo medical store, online business office and clinic.

I just teach them to think out of the box. One of my lawyer colleague could not succeed in legal profession, he got a job in study abroad consultancy firm where after 6 months he realized that how easy is this business and being a lawyer people will trust him. Now he is running a successful study abroad and immigration firm. Mr Yousuf Aziz hit upon an idea to start an marriage bureau for those people who are against or can not afford dowry, now he is running most successful Islamic marriage bureau in Lahore with zero investment, in fact he is a “hakeem” and he is running his marriage bureau from his clinic.  All of us can earn lot of money with our existing resources. When these people are successful then why you cant. I can just suggest you some ideas but it largely depends upon your self to think that in which areas you can work better. After that think that how to start a business in the area of your talent with zero or minimum investment.

You may start a business jointly with any of your friend who may provide finance or services which you can not lack. New ideas always impress the masses and they increases your chances of progress a lot. By zero investment i just mean investment which you can easily bear. Remember that the money you waste on learning any skill is not a wasted money. Here are some unique business ideas for people who do not have much money to invest. This list is not complete at all. You may suggest us new ideas for helping others. We have written detailed articles on some of these.
Home Tuition
Free Lance Writing
Property Dealing
Coaching Center
Beauty Parlor
Selling Services
Matrimonial Services
Guess Paper Making & Selling

We need your prayers for our future projects through which we want to teach our youth that how they can earn money without any investment. Visit daily for reading tips about different self help topics. You will also find great tips on our facebook page too. May Almighty Allah help you all.
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