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University of Bolton Islamabad Admission 2024, Programs

Elevate Your Global Prospects with UOB Islamabad Admission 2024
The University of Bolton Islamabad Pakistan’s first HEC-recognized UK university. UOB UK is proud to announce the establishment of UOB Islamabad. It is famous for strong a commitment of delivering top-quality UK education locally. UOB Islamabad provides students with the opportunity to experience a foreign education without leaving Pakistan. Whether you aspire to study in Manchester, UK or Islamabad, UOB Islamabad aims to empower you for global success.


UOB Islamabad

Study Anywhere – UK or Pakistan

UOB Islamabad offers the unique advantage of providing students with the opportunity to study in either the United Kingdom or Pakistan. Graduates of UOB Islamabad will receive a UK qualification & they also have the option to transfer to the UK during their studies. This flexibility allows students to tailor their educational experience based on their preferences & goals.



Wide Range of Programs

UOB Islamabad offers a variety of programs tailored to meet the needs of aspiring professionals in various fields. Whether you are interested in business management, computing, cyber security, accountancy, games programming, fashion, law or business administration, UOB Islamabad has programs designed to equip you with the necessary skills & up to date knowledge for success in your chosen field.



Foundation Programmes & Eligibility

UOB Islamabad also offers foundation programmes for specific subjects for providing a solid foundation for students who are transitioning from A-Level, Inter (FSC) & result-awaiting stages. This means that students at different educational levels can apply & benefit from the exceptional educational opportunities provided by UOB Islamabad.



Experience UK Education in Pakistan

The University of Bolton, ranked among the Guardian’s top 30 UK universities, is delighted to bring the benefits & experience of a UK university to Pakistan. UOB Islamabad ensures that students receive the same high-quality academic & extracurricular facilities as those in leading universities. With state of the art facilities at its 180 kanal campus in Islamabad, UOB Isl provides students with a well-rounded educational experience.



Fast-Track Your Future

UOB Islamabad’s comprehensive 3 year degree programs enable students to fast-track their future. By choosing UOB Islamabad , you not only receive a globally recognized degree but also gain valuable skills & knowledge that will set you apart in the competitive job market.



Apply Now For UOB Islamabad Admission 2024

If you are ready to embark on a journey to a global future, visit to start your application process for admission 2024. UOB Islamabad’s website provides detailed info about the admission process, program offerings & other essential details. Do not miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your global prospects with University of Bolton Islamabad admission 2024.




University of Bolton Islamabad is revolutionizing the educational landscape in Pakistan by offering students the chance to experience the benefits of a UK education without leaving the country. With a wide range of programs, a solid foundation for students at different educational levels & state of the art facilities, UOB Islamabad is committed to providing the tools students need to succeed in a globalized world. Do not wait—apply now & unlock the door to a global future with University of Bolton Islamabad!


University of Bolton Islamabad Admission 2024, Programs


University of Bolton Islamabad Admission 2024, Programs


FAQs About UOBI Islamabad Admission 2024


Q-What documents do I need to apply for UOB Islamabad admission?

Ans-You need the following documents to apply to The University of Bolton, Islamabad (UOBI);

1-Your all previous educational certificates
2-Your any valid identification document like CNIC or Passport
3-Your CV
4-An impressive purpose statement

Its clear that each UG course has its own specific eligibility requirements , so do make sure to go through the relevant course details on the webportal, thoroughly.



Q2-What happens once I have applied?

Ans2-Once you have applied for UOB admission 2024, an admissions officer will get in touch with your kind good self to take the process further. You will be interviewed & your certificates will be screened for eligibility. If you qualify you will receive an offer letter directly from the UOB university Isl.



Q3-Can one add additional supporting documents after applying for admission?

Ans3-Why not, you can upload additional supporting documents to the website once your application process has begun.



Q4-What is the UOB Isl campus location?

Ans4-Visit the following link to view the exact location on Google Maps;


Q5-What is the initial fees deposit a student required to make?

Ans5-You will have to pay initial fees for admission at UOB Islamabad is £6.775. Please check the current conversion rate for Pakistani currency before paying the fee.



Q6-Is UOBI an affiliate of the UOB UK?

Ans6-No, UOB Islamabad is not a teaching center or an affiliate. This is the direct launch of the UOB in Pakistan. In short its country’s 1st Higher Education Commission’s recognised United Kingdom University!.

Q7-What is the duration of a bachelors degree from UOB Islamabad?

Ans7-UOBI offers bachelor degree of 3 years duration.

Q8-Do students need to clear IELTS test?

Ans8-You do not need to clear IELTS test if you want to study only in Pakistan only then you don’t need to clear IELTS but if you want to shift your studies to UOK UK, then you do need to clear IELTS.

Q9-What type of exam UOBI will take?

Ans9-Exam of UOB Islamabad will be a combination of both practical & theoretical.

Q10-How students will be shortlisted for admission in University of Bolton Islamabad?

Ans10-UOBI will grant admissions on the basis of your performance in extensive screening process like both interview & admission test.