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University of Management & Technology UMT Lahore & Sialkot Admission 2024

University of Management & Technology UMT Lahore and  Sialkot Graduate Admission 2024 in Spring Semester

Read through this article to learn in detail and complete overview about these freshly announced University of Management & Technology UMT Lahore and Sialkot admissions for year 2024.



List of Programs or Disciplines Opened in University of Management & Technology UMT Lahore & Sialkot:

PG Programs

PhD in Management
MS in Management
MS in Marketing
MS in Strategic HRM
MS in Supply Chain Management
MS in Business Analytics
MS in Applied Statistic
MS in Accounting
MS in Finance
MS in Economics
MBA Executive
PhD in Architecture
Masters in Architecture
MS in Housing and Community Development
MS in Textile
MS in Graphic Designing
MS in Electrical Engineering
MS in Engineering Management
MS in Industrial Engineering
MS in Mechanical Engineering
MS in Civil Engineering
PhD in Electrical Engineering
PhD in Mechanical Engineering
M.Com degree
Masters in Business Studies
PhD in Physics
PhD in Mathematics
PhD in Chemistry
MS in Chemistry
MS in Biochemistry
MS in Mathematics
MS in Physics
MS in Biotechnology
MS in Clinical Psychology
MS in Counseling Psychology
PhD in Clinical Psychology
PhD in Islamic Banking and Finance
MS in Islamic Banking and Finance
PhD in Computer Science
MS in Computer Science
MS in Software Engineering
MS in Information Technology
MS in Public Policy
Masters in Public Administration
MPS in Project Management
MPS in School Leadership and Management
MPS in Advertising and Marketing Communication
Master in Computer Science
Masters in Supply Chain Management
Master in Fashion and Luxury Management
PhD in Education
PhD in Special Education
PhD in English Literature
PhD in Linguistics
MPhil in Education
MPhil in Special Education
MPhil in Educational Leadership
MPhil in Applied Linguistics
MPhil in English Literature
MPhil in Islamic Studies
MPhil in Media and Communication
MPhil in Psychology
MPhil in Sociology
MPhil in Political Science



UG Programs

Bachelor of Business and Information Systems
BS Accounting & Finance
BS Accounting
BCom Hons
BS Business Management and Accounting
BS Public Administration
BS Disaster Management
BS Food Safety and Quality Management
BS Food and Science Technology
BS Human Nutrition and Dietetics
BS Medical Imaging and Ultrasonography
BS Nutrition Sciences
Pharm D
BS Professional Studies
BS Media and Communication
BS Clinical Psychology
BS Psychology
BS Hons English Literature
BS H English Literature & Linguistics
BS Aviation Management
BS Professional Flight Technology
BS Biotechnology
BS Microbiology
BS Chemistry
Bachelor of Graphic Design
Bachelor of Fashion Design
BS Early Childhood Education
BS H Education
BS Gender Studies
BS Political Science
BS Social Work
BS Sociology
BS H Special Needs Education
BS International Relations



How to Apply For Admission 2024 in University of Management & Technology UMT Lahore & Sialkot?

If you want to apply in UMT you can easily get your application admission form and prospectus admission kit from their main office.
Those applicants who cannot visit their main office, they can get their admission kit and form from website of UMT, which is
You should be submitting your application and admission form on time.


Facilities in UMT

When it comes to choosing a university, the key facilities provided in it can play a significant role in enhancing the overall learning experience. The University of Management & Technology (UMT) with campuses in Lahore & Sialkot is known for its modern facilities that cater to the diverse needs of its admitted students. Let is take a closer look at the range of facilities available at UMT;



Academic Facilities

UMT boasts modern &  well-equipped class rooms that provide a conducive environment for learning and research. Its both campuses are equipped with advanced audio-visual aids for making the learning process engaging &  interactive . The UMT university also offers specialized labs for various disciplines for example computer labs , engineering labs & science labs for providing students with hands-on experience and practical skills.



Library & Resource Centers

The UMT university’s libraries are a treasure trove of knowledge becoz they have an extensive collection of books , research papers & digital resources. The general and reference libraries are designed to facilitate research & academic pursuits,, with dedicated study areas and access to online databases and journals. Additionally UMT’s resource centers provide students with access to career counseling, academic support &  entrepreneurship resources.



Sports Facilities

Recognizing the importance of physical well-being UMT places great emphasis on sports & recreational facilities. The campuses feature sports complexes , gymnasiums & outdoor sports fields, allowing students to engage in various physical activities . Whether it is playing a game of basketbal l, tennis or simply working out at the gym,, students have ample opportunities to stay active and healthy.



Accommodation & Dining

UMT offers comfortable &  safe on-campus accommodation for students who prefer to reside within the university premises.  The residential facilities are designed to provide a home away from home, with amenities like dining halls , recreational areas &  round-the-clock security. The UMT university also offers a variety of dining options like cafeterias  & restaurants, catering to diverse culinary preferences .



Technology and IT Infrastructure

In today’s digital age access to technology is crucial for academic &  professional development. UMT is committed to providing cutting-edge IT infrastructure for example high-speed internet connectivity , computer labs &  digital learning platforms. The both campuses are equipped with Wi-Fi coverage for enabling students to stay connected &  access online resources from anywhere on campus.



Medical & Counseling Services

The well-being of students is paramount at UMT LHR & the university offers medical cum counseling services to address the physical &  mental health needs of its students. The campuses have medical centers staffed with qualified healthcare professionals for providing basic healthcare services  & 1st aid. Additionally the UMT university offers counseling and psychological support to help students navigate personal &  academic challenges.



Community & Cultural Facilities

UMT fosters a vibrant and inclusive community & the campuses host a variety of cultural and recreational events throughout the year . The university’s auditoriums & event spaces are utilized for hosting seminars , workshops &  cultural performances for enriching the academic experience with extracurricular activities and community engagement..



In conclusion the University of Management & Technology offers a comprehensive range of facilities that cater to the holistic development of its students. From academic resources to sports facilities &  student support services, UMT is dedicated to creating an environment where students can thrive and reach their full potential. With its commitment to excellence in education  & student well-being, UMT stands out as a leading institution with a focus on providing top-notch facilities for its students.



Contact Details of University of Management & Technology UMT:

For more information about their admission process which is opened by University of Management and Technology, you can get in contact with their admission office through below mentioned address:
Address: Sialkot Campus, 21-A, small industrial estate, Shahabpura Road, located in Sialkot
Telephone: +92 52 3241801-10



Final Words

Stay tuned. So this is all information regarding admissions which are opened by Lahore and Sialkot branches of University of Management & Technology UMT. Admission and phase of their registration is now open. You can apply in your respective and related degree program. It is a reputable university in all over Pakistan. You can make your future and career all brighter if you will be studying from this UMT university.


University of Management & Technology UMT Lahore & Sialkot Admission 2024

University of Management & Technology UMT Lahore & Sialkot Admission 2024