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Urdu Column About Moin Khan Scandal With Many Breaking News

Latest Breaking News and Urdu Column of Mazhar Barlas About Moin Khan’s Casino Scandal in Cricket World Cup 2015 
Moin Khan went to casino one day before the the Pakistan’s match against West Indies. A Pakistani made his video,which was sent to PCB officials. First of all Moin Khan claimed that he was sent to casino  by PCB to watch the cricketers but when PCB disowned his statement , he changed his statement again. Now he is saying that he went to casino with his family for dinner. But you can see many breaking news in the newspaper cuttings on this page about the real facts. I am shocked to read these breaking news but hope that you will not take them on heart. Pleae answer me another question that why Moin Khan was not ready to leave the position of team manager of Pakistan’s team before the cricket world cup 2015.   As per newspaper cuttings, given on this page no halal food is offered in casinos. Then what Moin Khan was eating there? Please explain brothers.

Urdu Column

Urdu Column About Moin Khan Scandal With Many Breaking News

Mazhar Barlas  writes Urdu column in daily Jang. Yesterday he wrote a beautiful column about Moin Khan which i like to share with you. Mazhar Barlas claimed that as per his friend Zaka Ashraf, Moin Khan is the king of match fixing in Pakistan. But i personally disagree with him. King (Sultan) of match fixing  is someone else. Guess his name after reading the many breaking news on this page. Sarfraz Nawaz’s statement given on this page is also very alarming. He claims  that 1999 world sup was also fixed. Now every one is agreeing with our guesses and predictions. It seems that match fixing has become our national game.  If you are interested in this topic then read our following posts too.

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All Latest Breaking News About Moin Khan’s Casino scandal in Cricket World Cup 2015

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