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Best Urdu Poetry 2023 (Sad & Love)-Free For Facebook Users

Unlimited Top Sad & Love Urdu Poetry 2023-Free For Users
Urdu has become one of the top spoken language of the world. Hindi is also a daughter of Urdu. Both these languages are spoken in the same style but Hindi is written in Devanagari script, otherwise there is not a great difference in both these languages. All hindi movies are popular in Urdu speaking people around the world. All drama serials of Pakistan are popular in India. Urdu poetry of all kinds is popular all over the world. One of my friend is running a facebook page of Urdu poetry, although its name is love poetry but it contains both love and sad Urdu poetry. If you have interest in Urdu poetry, sad or love then you must like his page. His facebook page is already very popular among Hindi poetry lovers too.



Best Urdu Poetry 2022 (Sad & Love)-Free For Facebook Users

Best Urdu Poetry 2023 (Sad & Love)-Free For Facebook Users

You will find not a single Urdu poetry on this page as we are running an educational website, we have just given the link of best Urdu poetry facebook page on this post. As per my own opinion its best page of Hindi poetry all over the world. It has unlimited posts of both sad and love Urdu poetry. If you are impressed with this page then kindly like it too.


We have a good news too for you that you may download and use all the Hindi/Urdu poetry pictures with your name. All the poetic pictures given on this page are free for all. You may download, modify, and even use these Urdu poetry pictures commercially. There is no issue of copy right at all. Share freely, crop freely, use freely any where, at any plat form even at facebook. He is a true lover of literature as he is not ready to allow me to disclose his name.


He is running a facebook group too. Link of the facebook group has also been given in the page. You should join and participate in the group too. I too have great interest in literature, i am going to publish this post to check your response, if you will like this post, then be ready for lot of similar posts on Urdu poetry. Last but not least poetry is part of fine arts. Music is not the diet of soul, its good poetry, which is the diet of soul. Now click the link of facebook page given below and enjoy the best Urdu poetry. Remember that i am writing this post as i have never seen such a poetic page on facebook.

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