Utility Stores Ramadan Relief Package 2020 With Price List

Federal Government and Utility Stores Corporation’s Ramadan Relief Package 2020 With Price List
Federal government has announced the Ramadan Relief Package 2020 in all utility stores of Pakistan. Government has given subsidy of 2 billion and 50 crore  rupees. Utility Stores Ramadan relief package 2020 will be implemented from 1st Ramadan. Utility Stores Ramadan relief package 2020 will continue till Chand Raat. Government has given concession on 1000 daily use items. Subsidy of 4 to 14 rupees will be given on these more than 1000 items. Utility stores have bought 40000 metric ton sugar. 5 rupees per kg subsidy will be given on sugar and it will be available in 68 rupees. Punjab government is also going to set up special Ramadan bazars in different cities of the province.



Special Ramadan bazar and Madni dastarkhawan will also be set up in different cities. List and prices has been given below. Its a good initiative by government but it has been noticed that utility stores fail to keep the balance between demand and supply. Sugar and flour is not given to ordinary people. Many items are supplied in bulk to retailers just for the sake of commission. Now government should appoint raid teams to monitor the implementation on Utility stores Ramadan Relief package 2020.



Quality of stuff available in utility stores should also be improved as low standard stuffs at cheap rates are available everywhere. Ramadan Calender 2020 Pakistan With Sehr & Iftar Timetable is also available on our website. You can read the further details in Urdu in the newspaper ad cutting below this post. Stay in touch with us for latest updates about different relief packages by federal and provincial governments. Remember us and our beloved country in your prayer during this holy month. Ramazan Mubarik from our team. 2020 details are available in the newspaper ad.


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Utility Stores Ramadan Relief Package 2020 With Price List



Utility Stores Ramadan Relief Package 2020 With Price List





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