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Virtual Reality Definition, Uses, Devices & Mechanism in Urdu & English

What is The Reality of Virtual Reality VR & How it Works
Now a days everyone is talking about virtual reality but very few people know that actually what is this Virtual reality. In this post we shall try to explain VR in simple words. Feeling the physical presence in an imaginary world with the help of multimedia devices is called virtual reality. It creates false lifelike experience but your mind takes it as real one. Its all the game of senses. Basically 2 senses are used to deceive your mind i.e sight and sound. Special software create such an virtual 3 dimensional atmosphere that your brain takes it as real one and you feel as if you are part of that virtual world.  You can experience the most common and initial form of virtual reality on your computer through 3-D images.

VR is used for training , education and military simulation purposes. In future its use will increase a lot for these purposes. Secondly it is used for digital entertainment such as games and interactive story telling. Soon you will also be able to enjoy 3D movie through it.

Large number of VR devices and products are available in market.  But the best device is that which creates three dimensional life size images and which can track the movement of your head and eyes for adjusting the images from your perspective for giving you more believable VR experience. Most popular VR device is Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Four different versions of Rift have been launched. At present it is available for developers only but hopefully its consumer version will also be introduced in next year For playing a game, you need to attach its control box with your computer but company is confident that soon this headset will also work with mobile phones. Facebook has bought this company in 2 billion$ before launching consumer device.

Samsung has also introduced gear VR device with its Galaxy Note 4 phone. You do not need to attach it with Galaxy Note 4. The price of this device is 200$ but you will have to bought Galaxy Note 4 separately. Prices of VR devices are very high at present but we are hopeful that in near future prices will come down. Google has introduced such devices in just 25$.

Haroon Yahya is a Turkish Muslim researcher who proves that this whole world is also a virtual experience. He also proves with strong arguments that matter does not exist at all and we are living in a virtual environment. By his arguments he proves that there is a Divine super power(Almighty Allah) in our world who is showing us this virtual environment. Whole Western scientists and non believers are afraid of his research as if matter losses its existence then they will have to believe on Almighty Allah. Those who have interest in this topic must read the books of Haroon Yahya. His books are also available in Urdu.

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Virtual Reality Definition, Uses, Devices & Mechanism in Urdu & English

Virtual Reality Definition, Uses, Devices & Mechanism in Urdu & English.Virtual Reality Definition, Uses, Devices & Mechanism in Urdu & English.

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