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Virtual University Admission 2023 Schedule For Associate Degree Programs (BA, B.Sc)

Apply Now Online For VU Admission 2023 in ADA (BA) & ADS (B.Sc) Programs, Last Date
Are you looking for a higher education opportunity that fits your lifestyle? Look no further than Virtual University of Pakistan (VU). VU is a Federal Government distance learning university. Now VU Pakistan is offering admission 2023 in Associate Degree programs (equivalent to 2 years BA/BSc) starting this Spring.


VU offers a comprehensive & dynamic curriculum tailored to your professional aspirations. Its programs provide an ideal platform to launch your career & gain a sought-after qualification. Whether you aspire to a career in the Arts, Sciences or Technology, VU has a program to suit you.



Virtual University Pakistan Admission 2023 in ADP Programs

ADP is the abbreviation of associate degree program. VU Pakistan is offering admission 2023 in 2 types of ADP programs i.e ADA & ADS;


VU Faculty of Arts Offering Admission 2023 in ADA or BA Program

The Faculty of Arts offers an Associate Degree in Arts (ADA). You could choose to combine any three of the following subjects: Business Studies, Computer Science, Economics, Education, English, Psychology, Sociology, Mass Communication & Journalism and Statistics & Data Analytics.


VU University Faculty of Science is Offering Admission 2023 in ADS or B.Sc Program

Meanwhile, the Faculty of Science offers an Associate Degree in Science (ADS). You could choose any three of the following subjects: Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Molecular Biology, Statistics & Data Analytics and Zoology. After completion of your associate degree program (ADP), you will be able to get admission in BS 5th semester. You will also be able to appear in CSS and PMS exams, but we highly recommend you to study at least up to BS level as due to tough competition in the job market just ADP degree is not enough for getting the job of your choice.



Why Virtual University? Facilities

Virtual University is a leading provider of distance learning services in Pakistan. It has become better alternative of AIOU due to its digital nature, affordable fee structure & facilities. With LMS & digital library support, it offers users the convenience & flexibility to study any subject area with ease. Recognized degrees and latest curriculum are also factors that make this university a top choice for students.



Career counseling is an important part of the online education experience at VU & this institution offers a wide range of resources to help students find their perfect career. VU’s flexible learning environment is an ideal approach for a balanced work-study lifestyle. Its innovative & practical approach to learning is conducted in a supportive & interactive environment.



Tuition Fee of VU ADP Programs

VU wants to ensure that post-secondary education is accessible to all, so fees of Virtual University Pakistan are as low as Rs.17,000 per semester, depending on the course chosen.



Virtual University Contact Information

To apply to VU and start your journey towards a bright future, simply call admission cell today on their Toll Free Number 0800-88088 or their Cell No-0304-11-0880 or visit VU website Don’t miss this opportunity to start your career in the right way.


Last Date To Apply For VU University Admission 2023

Applications must be submitted before the April 7, 2023 deadline, so don’t delay. Step into the future with VU and we’ll help you to achieve your professional goals.


So how do you apply?

Simply fill out the online application form before the deadline & follow the instructions given on the website.



Once your application has been reviewed, VU university authorities will give you an update on the status of your application.


Final Thoughts

Get the skills you need to think differently & reach greater heights. Virtual University‘s Associate Degree Programs are the ideal path to lay the groundwork for success.



Virtual University Admission 2023 Schedule For Associate Degree Programs (BA, B.Sc)


Virtual University Admission 2023 Schedule For Associate Degree Programs (BA, B.Sc)