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Virtual University VU Admission 2024 in Faculty of Science & Technology

Virtual University of Pakistan VU Faculty of Science & Technology Admission 2024

Virtual university has opened their fresh admissions for their faculty of science and technology. You can apply online for these current admissions and website address is You can call on their toll free number too. It was in year 2002 that this university came into being. This university is also holding a federal charter right from government of Pakistan. It has received its federal recognition from Higher Education Commission. It offers four-year and full-time degree programs that comprise of eight semesters. Each and every semester of this university consist of 18 weeks. Below is detail information about their admission process which is given by Virtual university of Pakistan VU.



Why Virtual University Pakistan? Facilities in VU


1. Online Education at Its Best

VU has been a pioneer in the field of online science education by offering students the opportunity to study from home. The university’s robust online platform ensures that distance learning students have access to all the resources they need to succeed like course materials , online lectures & interactive discussion forums.



2. Cutting-Edge Curriculum

The Faculty of Science & Technology at VU offers a wide range of programs that are designed to equip students with the knowledge necessary to succeed in the rapidly evolving world of modern science & technology. This modern curriculum is regularly updated to ensure that VU students are learning the most relevant & cutting-edge info.



3. World-Class Faculty

VU Pakistans boasts a team of highly qualified & experienced faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. They are committed to providing students with a world-class education & their passion for teaching is evident in their approach to online instruction.



4. Flexible Learning Options

Virtual University Pakistan understands that students have busy schedules that’s why it offers flexible learning options that allow online students to study at their own pace. Whether you are a working professional or a busy parent, VU’s flexible learning options make it really possible to get a degree without sacrificing your other commitments of practical life.



5. Affordable Education

VU’s online programmes are more affordable than traditional on-campus programs. These programs make it possible for students from all walks of life to get a degree in science & technology. The Virtual university also offers scholarships & financial aid to eligible distance learning students, further reducing the cost of education.



Details of Admissions Given by Virtual University

VU Distance Learning Ph.D Program Details

You can do your Ph.D in subject of biotechnology.



VU Distance Learning MS Program Details

Their MS program is of duration 2 years. This university is offering their MS degree in subjects of bioinformatics, biotechnology, mathematics, molecular biology genetics, zoology.



VU Distance Learning Masters Program Details

This Virtual university VU offers masters level programs as well. These programs have duration of 2 years. You can get yours masters degree in discipline of mathematics or statistics, zoology.



VU BS Program Details

Their BS program is of time frame 4 years. Their BS program is offered in the disciplines of bioinformatics, biotechnology, mathematics.



Other Faculty Details of Virtual University

Faculty of Management

Their faculty of management offer these below mentioned programs:
Business Administration degree program
Degree program of Public Administration
Management degree program
Degree program of Marketing
Degree program of Business and Information Technology



Faculty of Arts and Commerce

Then their faculty of arts commerce offers below mentioned programs
Degree program of Mass Communication
Psychology degree program
Degree program of commerce
Accounting and Finance degree program
Degree program of Banking and Finance
Education B.Ed.(Hons.)



Masters Programs for Virtual University Graduates

Then we have degree program of MSCS, it is of 2 year duration and consist of 4 semesters. It comprise of 30 credit hours. Then program of MSBA or MBA, it is also equivalent to degree program of MS. For Virtual university graduates, they can have following options for their selves:
MCS degree program, it stands for Master of Computer Science
MIT degree program, it stands for Master of Information Technology
MBA degree program, it stands for Master of Business Administration. If you have completed with your bachelor’s degree and you have at least 45% marks right from recognized university then you can apply in Virtual university masters degree programs.



Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

Master of Science in Bioinformatics degree program
Degree program of Master of Computer Science
Degree program of Master of Information Technology



Faculty of Management Sciences

Degree program of (M.Com)
Degree program of MBS
Degree program of Master of Public Administration
Program of Master of Business Economics
Master of Accounting program
Master of Accounting and Finance program
Degree program of Master of Banking and Finance
Master in HRM
Degree program of Masters in Operation and also Supply Chain Management


Final Words

So its easy to say that the Faculty of Science and Technology of Virtual University (VU) is the perfect place for getting a degree in science & technology. From the flexibility of online learning to the world-class faculty & cutting-edge curriculum, VU Pakistan offers everything you need to succeed in your academic and professional endeavors. So, if you are considering pursuing a degree in science and technology, choose Virtual University Pakistan & take the 1st step towards a brighter future.


Virtual University VU Admission 2024 in Faculty of Science & Technology

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