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We Have Migrated Server

We have migrated from our old server as due to heavy traffic that server was not able to bear the load of our site now we have upgraded our hosting account and have shifted on a hosting company of a good repute. The reason for migration was that our old server was not capable to bear the traffic of result day and lot of our visitors had to face difficulty on result day of All Punjab boards. Now we are hopeful that our new hosting company will provide us better services as per their commitment with us especially on result day. We were not in contact with you for last few days due to this migration process. We beg you pardon for the inconvenience, which you might have suffered during this time period.

We have a good news too for you, that soon we are going to launch a website for youth, so be ready for fun. Now onwards Inshaa Allah regular posts will be published on your own website.  We are thankful to all those readers who stayed with us during this period. All of our loyal readers are our real asset and we really appreciate their loyalty. We are thankful from the core of our hearts for your patience during this time. We were too missing all of you.

But from now onwards your site will be available for 24 hours and it will be able to bear heavy traffic. As all of you know that your website has included in the top websites of Pakistan. It is all because of Almighty Allah and your great reading taste. We are thankful to both from core of our hearts.  Some of our readers have shown interest in writing articles for us, we welcome all of you to send us quality unique articles related to the solutions of study related problems of students. We shall publish your articles with your name and picture.  Thanks again.

Stay blessed



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