What is Anthropology? Career, Scope, Jobs, Core Topics & Nature of Work

What is Anthropology? Jobs, Core Subjects, Nature of Job, Required Abilities, Employment Areas, Job Areas, Career & Scope in Pakistan & Abroad 

What is Anthropology?
Anthropology is one of the best humanities subject which has great scope world wide. It is the comparative study of human civilization, societies, cultures, beliefs, institutions, customs, economics, behavior and their development. Its a very wide subject which cover almost all aspects of human life including human Biology.

What is Anthropology? Career, Scope, Jobs, Core Topics & Nature of Work

What is Anthropology? Career, Scope, Jobs, Core Topics & Nature of Work

Anthropology – Nature of Work
Anthropologists are called human or social scientists. They also research on different theories of Sociology and Anthropology, social behavior of human beings in different situations & cultures and political development in different societies. They try to find out the solution of modern day social problems like urbanization, population explosion, globalization(& its affects) modernization and its impacts. They conduct surveys and research in the field by collecting the real time data for analysis and solution of different human problems. In fact this field is more practical than theoretical. I usually name it as applied sociology as anthropologists apply the rules of all social sciences to verify their theories and collect data from field for research purpose.

Scope of Anthropology in Pakistan
Unfortunately in Pakistan very rare students know the importance of Anthropology. Very rare universities are offering this subject at Bachelor level. Generally a student have to study Anthropology as Master level in Pakistan. MA, MSc, MPhil, MS and PhD level degrees are being offered in our universities. Some universities like LUMS are offering joint BSc Hons (BS) programs in Sociology and Anthropology. Pakistani educationists are still unable to understand the importance of this great subject as human beings are given least importance in our country. Even we conduct census after about 18 years to collect basic data about our population. No economist of the world can make long or even short term economic policies without having correct data about the population of the country. Situation is changing gradually in Pakistan, hopefully soon the whole scenario will change as planners have understand the importance of Anthropology, Sociology and Social Work too. Now a days PPSC and FPSC are preferring the students with the degree in these practical subjects.

Anthropology – Jobs, Career & Scope
A degree in this field will make you a skilled person specially for NGO’s and many government departments related to public welfare.
Employment Areas
Social Worker
Field Worker
Community Worker
Manager of Supervisor
Data Collector
Social Activist
Writer or Journalist
Civil Servant
Columnist or Feature Writer
NGO or Human Rights Activist

Employment Areas
Non Governmental Organizations
Population Planning Department
Planning Division
Research and Survey Conducting Organizations
International Agencies
Social Welfare Department
Women Division
Child Protection Bureau

Anthropology – Core Topics/Subjects/Syllabus/Curriculum  
Here below we have given the list of core topics taught is graduate programs in Pakistan.
Introduction To Cultural Anthropology
Introduction & Historic Back Ground of Anthropology
Social Change
Anthropology of Art
Islamic Expressions of Life in Different Cultural Contexts
Social Development
The Anthropology of ‘Ethnicity’, Nationalism & ‘Race’
Research Methodology Including Data Collection, Surveying & Report Writing
Effects of Globalization
Our Economic, Educational & Other Institutions & Their Development
Local & World Civilization
Visual Anthropology & Ethnographic Film Making
Pakistani Culture & Food
Ritual & Belief: Witchcraft, Magic & Religion
Environmental Pollution-Causes & Solution
Family Planning
Anthropology of Rights
Our Society Culture, Languages and Beliefs
Problem Oriented Research Studies
Pakistan – Kinship, Marriage & Sexuality
Anthropology of Law
Gender Discrimination & Women Status in Society
Social Problems & Their Solutions
Ethnography of Pakistan
Caste System in Sub Continent
Anthropology of Corruption
Child Labor
Rural Development
Our Customs, Political Institutions and Social Behavior
Social Mobilization
Human Women & Child Rights
Mother & Child Health
Comparative Studies of Human Societies
Gender Issues
Human Biology
Community Development
Women and Development
Thesis Based on Field Research
Forensic Anthropology
Classical Theories

Required Skills in The Field of Anthropology 
1-You must be an extrovert person a majority of time you will have to coordinate with people in the field.
2-Good Mathematical/Statistical skills will be a plus point for you.
3-Both good verbal and written communication skills in local languages and English are required in this field.
4-Analytical mindset, problem solving, out of the box thinking skills are also required.
5-Ability to work with a team for long hours
6-Interest in humanities and social problems for finding their solutions.

Last but no least its a subject for knowledge lovers who want to use their knowledge for the betterment of their society. No other subject of Arts is equal to Anthropology due to its wide area of study and scope in practical life specially in Western countries and NGO’s. Visit Studysolutions.pk and its facebook page daily for guidance and career counseling about different fields of humanities/arts.




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