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What is Business Intelligence (BI)? Career, Scope, Jobs, Tips (Urdu-English)

Business Intelligence Scope in Pakistan, Introduction, Benefits, Career Counseling Tips in English & Urdu Languages
The program of business intelligence comes under the field line of business administration, it is getting rapid amount of attention. Do you know that from the side of DeVry university, this degree program of business intelligence and analytics management has been introduced. This is a four year degree program and once completing this program, you can become a business manager or a business analyst. You can be in the profession of business intelligence developer, financial analyst, marketing analyst. These are the suitable jobs which you can choose if you want to be in the BI field. Below in the detail way, we have explored this field for you. Check out the details and see that how this field is different and set itself apart from the artificial intelligence field.

What You Learn from Business Intelligence (BI)?
By becoming the part of this field, you will learn all about the technology platforms, data integration and data management concepts. You will come to know about the basics of reporting analysis, business performance management.

If you want to be the part of this program on an online basis, then note that Microsoft has introduced such a program which is named as business intelligence in education, you can enroll in this course. This facility is also opened in Pakistan.

This BI is a kind of a technology-driven process, in this process you will be analyzing data and you will be presenting and coming up with an actionable information so that you can help out the executives, managers as well as the corporate end users. This study is required so that the business decisions can be made on an informed note.

Difference Between Artificial Intelligence And Business Intelligence
Artificial intelligence which is also known as AI, it is the simulation and compilation of human intelligence processes. It is by machines and exclusively with the use of computer systems that this intelligence level is stimulated. The main processes which are part of this intelligence system, they are learning and reasoning and too self correction. In the learning process, your acquire the information and then use and process it. Then in the reasoning phase, you use the rules and information in order to reach to the definite conclusion.

On the other hand, the business intelligence, it comprises many potential benefits in it. Its main function is to keep on accelerating and also to keep on improving decision-making. It optimize and balance up the internal business processes. It keep on increasing and enhancing the operational efficiency. It is through this study that new revenues are driven and competitive advantage is gained. It helps out the companies to identify the market trends and also to spot and identify the business problems.

These BI tools access as well as analyze data sets and they show and present all kinds of analytical findings in their summaries and reports. They make graphs, dashboards and charts. They give detailed intelligence information to their users. This study is too called as descriptive analytics. More information on this concept of business intelligence (BI) have been given below in Urdu language.

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What is Business Intelligence (BI)? Career, Scope, Jobs, Tips (Urdu-English)

What is Business Intelligence (BI)? Career, Scope, Jobs, Tips (Urdu-English)