What is Epilepsy? Symptoms, Causes & Treatment (Urdu-English)

All About Epilepsy in Urdu and English Languages
For the information, this epilepsy is a kind of central nervous system disorder. Here your brain activity turns out to become abnormal. You will get into unusual behavior situations. You will get seizures and also sensations. Some of the times, there will be a loss of awareness at your side. It is both males and females who are affected because of this disorder. Some of the people upon getting epilepsy attacks, they stare for a few seconds. On the other hand, some of the affected people twitch their legs or arms on a repeated basis. Here you will get more information about this disorder so check all details. This is a curable disorder and upon following the treatment, you can eradicate this disorder from your life:

Symptoms Details
It is because of the abnormal activities residing in your brain that you usually get epilepsy attacks. By getting affected from this issue, you will feel a temporary confusion in your brain. You will get these uncontrollable kind of jerking movements in your legs and arms. There will be loss of consciousness or there will be loss of awareness. This disease is linked with some of the psychic symptoms too. Like you will feel fear and anxiety.

When to Consult a Doctor?
You should be seeking immediate amount of help and assistance from the doctor. When your seizure last for more than 5 minutes, then it is the time that you should go and see a doctor. When you notice that your consciousness is not returning back or your breathing is not returning back, then do go and visit a doctor. When you start getting a high fever, when you experience some heat exhaustion, then these are the important signs that you should visit your doctor.

Causes Details
It is because of the genetic influence that you get affected by epilepsy. Then head trauma is another important cause of it. If you have a car accident or any other kind of traumatic injury then you might get these attacks as well. Then there are certain brain conditions which you put you in this big mess. If you have an infectious disease like AIDS or meningitis, then epilepsy can be developed in your body. It is too due to the prenatal injury. Babies become the patient of this disorder during pre natal times because at that time their brains are quite sensitive. Then because of the developmental disorders, you can become the target of this issue.

Treatment And Cure
You can go for anti epileptic drugs, these are the anti seizure drugs which you can take. These are the recommended medications if you want to reduce and decrease the number of seizures. Some of the drugs and medications are that much effective that they totally eliminate the number of seizures. Then vagus nerve stimulator device is also surgically used for the treatment of this issue. This device is right there surgically placed under your skin and on your chest so that your nerves can be stimulated electrically and thus prevent seizures. You can follow ketogenic diet patterns for yourself. If you think that you are not getting effective response from the medications, then you can have this low carb and high fat diet for yourself. Lastly, you can go for the brain surgery.

This is how epilepsy can be treated, keep in touch and other ways of treating it will be shared.

What is Epilepsy? Symptoms, Causes, Tips & Treatment (Urdu-English)


What is Epilepsy? Symptoms, Causes, Tips & Treatment (Urdu-English)

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