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What is WordPress? How to Earn Money Online Through WP Website?


In this article you will learn that what is wordpress and how students can earn money through it.  WordPress is a free and open source content management system based on PHP and MySQL, which enable us to create a professional website without the use of any programming language.Even you don’t need to Know HTML. You can create a website simply with drag and drop. You can easily learn it maximum within a month. You can create a blog in as little as in one minute– and without having to manually create a database or deal with coding. We shall write detailed articleS on WordPress in near future and shall guide you step by step about WordPress. Even you can create a free sub domain from the platform of It is one of the best free platform for students along with for earning with blogging. WordPress is the brain child of Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. They first released it on  May 27, 2003. Now more than 10 million websites are using this blogging tool.

Best WordPress & SEO Training Course in Lahore For Earning Money Online

What is WordPress? How to Earn Money Online Through WP Website?

Word press provide you vast range of free and premium templates. You can easily change appearance of your website according to your choice. These themes can easily be customized too. Thousands of themes are available on net, some free, and some premium (paid) templates. There are 1600+ free WordPress themes that you can use. We can add different advanced functions and features in our website with the help of plugins. WordPress offers a database of over 26,000 plugins, each of which offers custom functions and features for your websites. We can also add extra tool bar and some very useful additional widgets in websites. Some of my students raised a question that how a free and open source CMS may be advanced enough to create professional websites. In fact millions of bloggers are using word press around the world. Even here in Pakistan financial institutions like Allied Bank Limited and Multinational companies like bata are using this blogging tool. So Word press is a full-featured, fully customizable web site creation platform used by millions of individuals, businesses and organizations worldwide.

Wordpress also provide us with following features
1-Seo friendly atmosphere
2-Automatic filters
3-Styling of text in articles..
4-Provides support for tagging of posts and articles
5-SEO friendly clean permalink structure
6-Assigns multiple categories to articles
7-User friendly dash board
8-Allows readers to subscribe to your web site content using RSS.


You can earn money while blogging with WordPress in following ways
1- Teaching
You can start WordPress classes for beginners.

2- Developing websites for others
You can develop websites for your local businessmen and earn money.

3- Providing or selling services on you site
You can earn money by selling different services through your website.

4- Promoting different products on your site(Product review)
You can write reviews on different products as affiliate marketer

5-Selling sites
You can become a professional blogger and can earn money by selling different sites.

6- Membership and premium content
If  you have any type of premium content,You can earn a lot by premium membership.

Other than google adsense, you can publish ads of local businesses. You can also sell your own products.

8-Selling WordPress themes and plugins

9-Selling dvds of WordPress training course
You can sell your self made WordPress training dvds .
Indeed millions of people earning lot of money due to WordPress then why you cannot? Even a student of middle school can learn it easily.

WordPress Classes in Lahore
In Lahore Arqam House officers Academy 342-D Shad Bagh Lahore and pak earnings solutions 23 lg Saddiq trade centre Gulberg  are offering one month training course of word press, blogger and SEO in very reasonable fee.

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